~Tyler's Kiss~

I felt his warm lips on mine it tasted sweet it felt like heaven oh Tyler..


2. ~Lost~

After the concert the same girl who tripped me came up to me '' so uh..how was it like'' she said sratching her arm
my eyes were still "how was what like?" i said even tho i knew "you know..the kiss..tyler h-he kissed you how was it like"
she said hasty  and i smirked "why do you want to know sorry,not sorry" i said with some sass and she looked down and said "look i...im sorry..i was a real asshole for tripping you down like that" i felt amazing from just her saying that and of course that kiss that is still tickling my lips "well it was soft like..like warm kitten fur and tasted like the sweetest strawberries you could find on bushes and it tickles" i calmly said and she had her eyes closed soaking in the words"your a really lucky fan..you know that?"
"i know..and i got to have that moment again" i said and i ran off. i ran till i saw a bus and the door was unlocked.i slowly peek to see no one inside so i walk inside and notice that it was the twentyonepilots Tour bus! i roam around and open draws to find redbull or boxers and i walk around the bus beds and smell each one untill i find one that smells like seet vinella and redbull." yeah the manger didnt put it up there untill dawn" said Josh opening the door and i quickly run into the closet "dude was that unlocked someone could have came in here" said tyler "well i doubt someone came" josh said opening his draw."im just going to drink some redbull and sleep" Tyler said with a yawn "you shouldnt drink that all the time it's bad for you" josh said and tyler rolled his eyes. im in a closet that you could see threw but outside of it you cant see inside witch was a good spot for me,but my heart was beating loudly and i was getting nervous."how about we eat some cereal in the closet" said josh and i almost died "nah dude well eat that in the morning lets just get some rest and wait for the driver to get here" Tyler said taking off his pants and i blush and almost faint "so dude how was that kiss with the fan" josh said and i try to open my ears good as possible ''i had a feeling about door 1 that i couldnt resist and the tears in that girls eyes made me feel what she was feeling and i kissed her" he said and i remember how i saw his shoes close to the door" how did it felt" josh said "i-it felt smooth and fragile an tasted..it tasted like" but before he could have said it the door flung open and a guy came inside"alright lets head out" he said and i was upset cause i wanted the feedback about my kiss but i dont move a muscle  for fear that they will hear me."ok lets hit the bunks" said Tyler and when they all go to sleep i sneek out and walk slowly next to tyler's bunk and i listen to him snore softly untill someone grabs my leg from the bottom bunk ..oh..no

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