~Tyler's Kiss~

I felt his warm lips on mine it tasted sweet it felt like heaven oh Tyler..


3. ~Kisses~

i saw josh's head poke out from the bottom bunk as he grabbed my leg " who..are.yo" but before he could finish the last word i covered his mouth with my hand and surprised myself from doing that "shh im so sorry im just a fan who was curious but please dont tell tyler" i said and he got up and grabbed my arm and brought me to the kitchen "are you the fan tyler kissed" he said and my eyes widen "y-yes how do you know" i said surprised that josh dun remembers me "well its all over the internet" he said grabbing his phone and i slapped my face for not using my phone "you know you could get arrested for coming to private property " he said with a serious face i never thought josh would have. and i started crying "you proubly know how many fans cry for you guys but i had to feel it again.." i said my eyes watering crazy "feel what?" he said "i had to feel tyler's lips again i-i i dont know and i-im sorry" but he stopped me and sighed "its ok but i dont know what tyler would think of this and were already in the middle of the highway" i looked up at him with my watery eyes and he looked back at me and it felt wired.He suddenly leaned towards me and kissed me. my eyes went wide as he grabbed my lips with his and i couldnt beleive what i was about to do.I pushed back  "um sorry"
i said shaky and he pulled me against him and wrapped his arm around me" if your a fan wouldn't you love this" and i felt wired about this i mean josh seemed different then what i expect him and i dont know why i wasnt enjoying this "i-i" but he put his finger to sh me and closed his eyes as his yellow hair rubbed against his forehead and i closed my eyes he slowly put his other arm around me and laid his head on my shoulder for a warm hug "you seem different" he said calmly and i was confused "you seem like someone who is wonderful and i never kissed or hold someone like this before" he continued saying and i couldnt believe my ears and i was wordless " what is going on" i hear behind me and it was tyler "josh who are you hugging" but josh was wordless and looked nervous and i turned around and everything got slow as i met tyler's eyes with mine and we blink in slow motion tyler slowly walks toward me and i stand still wordless and blinking.Josh blocked "dont tyler" he said and tyler tilted his head  in confusion "what did you do to her josh" he said and josh cleared his throat "i uh...i kissed her" tyler closed his eyes "did she enjoy it" he said and i blink quickly and look side to side " i-i dont know" i said and tyler grabbed my arm and pulled me toward him and my eyes start to water because im to emotional with things. tyler wraps his arms around my waist that makes me feel warm and safe and he closes his eyes and kisses me. Josh stands there watching and i kiss back with tyler making our lips bounce together."did you enjoy this better" he said and i look into his eyes wordless but before i knew it josh grabbed me and ran into the bathroom

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