~Tyler's Kiss~

I felt his warm lips on mine it tasted sweet it felt like heaven oh Tyler..


7. ~is it so?~

when me and tyler got to the top we went into a room "why did we go here?" i said
"this is my room and don't worry josh doesn't know this room," tyler said and i let out a breath of relief and smile then we hug until we noticed we were also naked then we quickly let go and blushed
"um do you know whats wrong with josh" tyler said "its not like him to act like that," he said, "i think I do, he's brainwashed," i said
"brainwashed?" tyler said
"why do you think hes brainwashed?"
"because it's my tears it got him all wired," i said and tyler had a confused face.we jumped to the sound of banging on the door "go hide i got this" tyler said and he put on a robe and i ran and hide

                                                                                   _Tyler's PROV_ 
i open the door to see josh with an intense face "where is she" josh said " with me" i said "
"give her to me!" josh yelled

"i wont do that"
"i love her" he said
"well she doesn't love you" i said and he gasps and jumped at me hitting me and lemon came out naked "josh stop!" she said "what did you guys do" josh said looking from lemon to me then lemon again "no no no josh its not what it looks like" i said backing up and lemon hiding behind me josh went to try to punch me but lemon kicked him in the worst spot and he fell on to the floor i quickly grabbed lemon's arm and ran out going down the stairs "wait im naked!" then i sighed and took off my robe and put it on her i saw her blush and look down at my dick "hey no looky!" and she covered her eyes "sorry sorry" she said and i grabbed her arm and ran in my car starting the engine "hurry hurry" she said and i pressed the gas getting the car back up and we zoom out "oh shit" i said "what is it?" lemon said and i slow down because i see my old collage bully Alex "act like your my girlfriend" i said wispering to her and she tilted her head in confusion "hey look who it is tylina" alex said i coughed and said "tyler" and he rolled his eyes "so you finally get a girl and she dont look bad herself" he said and i saw lemon getting a pissed face  i looked at her making a face to make her stop "yup this is my baby we been together for couple of months" i said "is that so?" he said "then i want to see you guys kiss" and me and lemon looked at eachother for a minute then i went for it and kissed her "see its my baby" i said "i have to be sure and since i see that your already naked she should give you a blowjob unless you both dont love eachother that much to do it in front of me" he said and i looked at lemon she shook her head and i nodded sighing "oh what is it, is that a whore you picked from the street who needs more money to suck it" he said and she gave him a glare  pushed me back and leaned her head stuffing my dick in her mouth. it was the first time i ever got sucked and i wanted it to never stop "mhm, ok you have fun you to" he said and she lifted her head wiping her mouth with her hand "dont say anything about this she said" and i smiled "i-i liked it" i said and and she hide her head blushing and pulled her face toward mine and kissed her and leaned her down my dick "dont stop..please" i said and i saw her cheeks get red and before i knew it i felt her warm mouth on my dick 

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