~Tyler's Kiss~

I felt his warm lips on mine it tasted sweet it felt like heaven oh Tyler..


8. ~hiding in the shadows~

my head is on tyler's chest on his warm bed with a blanket on our legs bare naked.I smile hearing his snores and my leg is between his legs feeling his soft dick rubbing against my leg then i look up at his face and see him slowly open his eyes and i notice his dick starting to get hard and i quicking removed my leg "oops sorry" tyler said blushing and i blushed "no im sorry my leg was there and you couldn't help yourself "wait why are we saying sorry when we were all over each other last night" he said and i laughed  as he joined me laughing as his  cheeks turn red.Then all of a sudden the door started banging and we sat up quick "ill get it" tyler whispered and i nodded nervously after a couple minutes i saw tyler running back and before i could say anything he put his finger close to his mouth "Shh" he said and took his robe off jumping back to the bed and put the blanket over ur heads "who was it" i whispered "shh" he said and put his arm around m chest and pulled me closer.we were laying on our side under the blanket then i hear someone come in walking around making the floors creak. i gulped as the footsteps crept closer to the bedroom and tyler pulled me with him making us fall the floor on a soft landing on the carpet and we crawled under the bed as the bedroom door opened.before i opened my mouth tyler covered it with his hand and the person was walking around  and opened our draws "what does he want" tyler whispered and i was confused.the guy started walking by the side and tyler quickly moved his leg putting it around my waist and his dick was poking my back "sorry" tyler said softly on my ear and i rolled my eyes then i put my hand on it because it was annoying me he let out a little laugh and the guy stopped which scared me and tyler and he was slowly bending down under the bed and tyler held me tight untill the doorbell rang and he stood up and got out the window. me and tyler let out a breath of relief and tyler pulled me so we got out from under the bed "geez tyler nice place to hide" i said 'sorry i didn't expect someone to come in" he said "and your boner was so uncomfortable on my back" i said he blushed "Sorry i couldn't help it we were naked rubbing against each other what do you expect" and i giggled "anyway who rang the bell" he said and he grabbed a robe and tied it n him heading to the door. when he opened it i saw a blonde girl standing "oh um what are you doing here" i heard tyler said and she sighed "i know this is unexpected but i was driving past here and i saw someone go in your house and got worried" tyler looked back at me and i tilted my head then the blonde girl looked my way and had a disgusted face "oh i see" she said "look, Jenna, i can take care of things and i moved on" tyler said "yeah i can see that" she said tears coming down her face and she ran while tyler walked slowly looking down. "um...who was that" i said "im ex.." tyler said and i nod my head looking down "do you still love her" i said "NO,no i swear i broke up with her when i figured out she was trying to flirt and do it with josh" he said "im just upset how she thinks im going to go back wih her and i love you" he said and i nodded "have you guys ever did it.." i said he blushed "no i was a virgin untill last night with you" he said and i blushed "so i was the only one who got your dick" i said shyly and he nodded and giggled as i giggled back "well so are you cause i was also a virgin untill last night" and he looked into my eyes as his mouth dropped and he jumped on the bed with me and we cuddled  

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