~Tyler's Kiss~

I felt his warm lips on mine it tasted sweet it felt like heaven oh Tyler..


5. ~Help~

I was taped and tied to a chair and i dont know what josh is going to do "im just making something to put you to sleep you need to rest and know i love you" he said and i struggle around in the chair as he walks back into the kitchen.then i see the door slowly open and tyler's head peeked in and he tip toed across the room "shh" he said and i cried and smiled."tyler wil help you...tyler is good" said a voice in my head and i believed it.Josh came back and noticed the door opened "the wind keeps blowing that door" he said while holding a cup with blue liquid in it and i was shaking in fear.he took the tape off my mouth then said "drink up" and had my mouth closed tightly as possible and thought tyler might be thinking of a plan but before i knew it josh pursed my lips making it opened then poured the blue liquid in my mouth and i saw tyler's head peek out and he was scared then everything got blurry and dizzy and i fell right asleep

                                                                       Tyler's Prov 
i saw her fall asleep and im scared as ever wondering to myself what the heck is wrong with josh.I wait for a good time to free her and i pull my pocket knife out then wait till josh gets out of the room and untill he does i run to the chair and cut the ropes off the i pick her up and when i glanced at the kitchen "hey put her down!" i heard josh say and i run to open the door and i run down the hallway of the apartment as josh follows me and i see the elevator door open and i run inside it and as he gets closer the door closed right when he was about to step in.I sat quick with relief and hold her tight on my lap and let her head lay on my chest. i noticed we was on the top floor and i pressed the lobby button and felt the elevator go slowly down untill it stopped hard and the lights turned off. "the elevator has broken down" i heard come out of the speaker in a robot voice then "hello,is anyone in there" i saw a speaker and a button to talk "yes im here with a girl and the elevator broke" i said "hello,is there anyone in there" she said and i press the button and said "yes!" then she said said "i guess no one is in there so will call the engineers next week" and i thought to myself next week! and i sat in the dark elevator thinking."where am i!"lemon said and she started screaming and i wrapped my arms around her "its ok,its ok,its tyler and were in a elevator trapped" i said  and she hugged me and gripped hard on my back ''im scared" she said and she moved herself back on my lap and wrapped her legs around my waist and she was shaking "its ok" i said and i set up a flash light on my phone that brighten up the room we sat on the elevator floor for a while.i looked up and saw a little door and some light coming form it "hey look' i said and she glanced up "its a way out" she said and we smiled at eachother.

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