As Long as You're Mine.

Viola Haner is the younger step-sister of Brian Haner Jr. - Lead guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold. She's the daughter of Suzy and the older sister of McKenna. Viola, much like her brother, is a little high on ego and somewhat hot-headed.

Guys come and go, in her eyes. She's had her fair share of relationships, but when she meets Taylor, she'll never want to have another relationship again.

But, will Viola have the strength to leave Taylor by herself, or will she need the help of her brother?

And even so, what'll happen to Viola then?



2. Two - The Endless Possibilities.



Viola dressed herself in her nicest yet comfiest clothing, preparing for her date with a guy she had met in an online chat-room just a few months ago. It wasn't really a date, per se, but more of an official meeting. They'd been talking for a while, and he'd finally grown the courage to ask her out. Well. Technically, then that made it a date. With a calming sigh, Viola ran a hand through her curled hair before she walked out into the living room, seeing Brian on the couch, talking on the phone.

Since he hated to be interrupted, Viola wrote a short note and left it on the counter before she waltzed out the door quietly, making her way towards Brian's car. He hadn't known of her date, or that she was even seeing anyone, for that matter.


I'm taking McKenna out for the night.

Won't be home until around eleven'ish, maybe.

I'll call to check in at 9, I promise.


p.s. I restocked the beer in the fridge.

p.p.s There's twenty dollars under this note for dinner.

p.p.p.s Don't get stupid drunk.

Viola pulled out of the driveway and began the thirty minute drive towards the restaurant that Taylor - Her cyber 'friend' - Had told her to meet him at. Her insides felt all jumbled up. Her hands were sweaty. Her breathing was quick and uneven. She was a total mess, "Get yourself together, you stupid cunt," She mumbled to herself as she finally pulled into the parking lot. One last look in her car mirror confirmed that she hadn't sweated off her make-up as she had feared, giving her a calming feeling as she stepped out of the car and into the restaurant.

"I'm with a Taylor Patterson," She murmured to the woman who greeted her, "I'm supposed to meet him here, actually."

The lady looked down at the podium in front of her, which contained a very small stack of papers before her face turned into a delicate smile, "Hm, yes, you're Viola Wilson, I presume?"

Viola nodded; She'd used her mother's maiden name for the sake of her own sanity. If he had turned out to know who Avenged Sevenfold was, he just might take advantage of that and use her to get to them. And that's the last thing she wanted, "Yes, ma'am, that's me!" She smiled as the lady led her through the tables. A few seconds later, they came to a stop and the dark blond woman gestured to a handsome young man. Viola's breath caught in her throat.

The way that his hair spiked up in the front to near perfection... Light pink lips... Pierced ears... Muscles... The little tattoo peeking out of his sleeve... His jaw scruff.

Jesus H. Christ, he was making her mouth water.

"Viola?" He asked, standing up.

"Taylor?" She replied back.

A smile spread across his face as he nodded and pulled her chair out for her. She sat down, thanking him just as he took his seat, "It's nice to finally meet you in person," He grinned, "I ordered food for us both, if you don't mind. A simple pasta for the both of us, followed by a chocolate cheesecake for dessert."

"That sounds delicious, thank you."

The rest of the evening went by in a blue. Things never got dull between Viola and Taylor as they kept up an interesting conversation. Taylor, however, did most of the talking; Viola was highly interested in finding out as much as she possibly could about the human Adonis.

"It's getting late," Taylor looked at his phone before sliding it back into his pocket, "Almost midnight."

It was then that Viola had to fight to maintain her eyeballs from bulging out of their sockets. Shit. She'd promised to call Brian almost three hours ago. Knowing him, he probably went and called Suzy. Or his dad. Hopefully they's stuck up and lied for her - Something. Anything. But then again, she hadn't told them about her little date. All in all, Viola knew she was in deep shit. However... She didn't regret it. She'd had an amazing night with Taylor, everything fell into place perfectly with him, surprisingly.

"Oh, wow," She mustered up, rubbing her hands together as the waiter came by with the check. Taylor chuckled and paid in cash - He had at least seven or eight hundreds from the quick glance that she'd got. Whoa, so he was rich and good looking? She'd hit the jackpot with this one, she really had.

"Let me walk you to your car." He offered, helping her to her feet.

She didn't dare reject his offer as they walked - Hand in hand - To Brian's car. Viola bit her bottom lip as Taylor turned her around, kissing her lightly on the lips. It was a quick peck, two seconds at the most. He pulled away, smiling, "I wanna see you again," He admitted.

"I do, too."

"Next Friday. We'll meet here and catch a movie or something. Whatever you feel like doing that night."

Her lips tugged into a smile, "Sounds good to me."

"It's a date then," He pecked her lips once more before walking away, "Drive safe, Viola. Goodnight." He called out over his shoulder.

Viola waved as he drove out of sight. Once she couldn't see his car anymore, she got into Brian's car. She debated whether or not to call him, but decided it'd be best to just endure everything at once, instead of hearing him yell at her down the phone and then again once she stepped into the door.

Thirty minutes later, she parked the car, lingering inside of it. Deep down, she hoped he'd fallen asleep. Or gone out with the guys. But judging by the way the light shone from the curtains, it looked like all of her hopes had gone right down the drain. With a sigh, she got out, closing the door behind her. An unexpected laugh escaped her lips as she approached the door. It felt as if she was sixteen again, and Suzy had caught her sneaking out.

Before she could open the door with her keys, Brian flung it open, pulling her inside, "Fucking thank God you're okay!" He breathed, hugging her tightly. She hugged back, letting the keys fall from her fingers onto the carpet.

Brian didn't pull away for the longest time; He pressed soft kisses into her hair, rubbing her back, "I'm okay, Brian," She quietly said.

"I know," He whispered, pulling away just a little, "I'm not okay, however. You scared me half to fucking death, Viola, you really did. When nine o' clock tolled by and you didn't call me, I automatically assumed the very worst. At around ten, I called my dad and he said you haven't been by since that dinner... Where did you go? Who were you with?"

She hesitated and Brian saw straight through her.

"Who were you with?" He repeated, looking straight in her eyes.

"I was on a date."


"A guy I met online-"

"Oh my g-Do you not know about all the sociopath serial killers that have met their victims online?! You've seen the damned Lifetime movies, I know you fucking have! Vi, that was stupid and dangerous of you! What if you hadn't come back?! McKenna would be devastated! I would've lost another fucking person that I was beyond close to in my life! I'd be right back in my state of depression! You should've told me - I wish you would have! Better yet, I wish you wouldn't even have met the guy!"

"Jesus Christ, Bri," Viola stepped away from him, "We just had dinner and talked, nothing fucking else. He's a real sweet guy, so back off."

He ran a hand through his hair, "The damn movies - Aren't they all nice and sweet at first? Huh?! Then they take you to their house, fuck you, and kill you! Viola, just try and put yourself in my shoes for a few minutes, will you?"

"So you can talk shit about me meeting up with Taylor, but if I even bring up Lauren, it's like the fucking death sentence for me, huh?! What if she's a fucking serial killer or some bullshit?!"

"She isn't-"

"And how do you know?! Haven't you see the movies, Brian?!," She was using his own argument against him, "A serial killer doesn't come right out with their intentions - With what they really are! It's called lying, you stupid asshole!"

"My point exactly-"

"No shut the fuck up! If I can't see Taylor, you can't fucking speak a word to Lauren! Because you're being a fucking hypocrite!"

Silence dawned over them. Brian was breathing heavily, obviously pissed off. Viola's hand was aching to slap her brother across the face, sick of his over protective bullshit. The tension grew uglier with each passing second. Viola blinked once - A quick millisecond - And Brian flipped a switch. He grabbed the picture of them both laughing at the beach and threw it against the wall, the frame breaking and the glass shattering. She took that as his incentive to raise her temper. She grabbed the phone book from the coffee table and tossed it, hitting Brian directly in the face. His anger reached a new height and he grabbed her wrists, pinning her back to the wall, "I'm trying to fucking keep your ass alive, and this is how you repay me?!" He hollered.

"You're doing nothing but being a fucking dick!" She replied, kneeing him in his groin.

He groaned and let go, cupping himself as Viola ran to her room, slamming the door, "You're acting like a fucking prissy bitch, Viola! I'm trying to help you see what's best for you - You're too young and naive!"

"Oh yeah? Maybe I am! But at least I'm not a god damn hypocrite, Elwin! Fuck off, go get fucking murdered by Lauren, I don't give a shit, anymore!"

"I don't give a fucking shit, either!"

"I can't fucking stand you - I hate you, Brian! You're so fucking ignorant and you drive me up a god damn wall!"

Brian chuckled darkly, "The feelings beyond fucking mutual."

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