As Long as You're Mine.

Viola Haner is the younger step-sister of Brian Haner Jr. - Lead guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold. She's the daughter of Suzy and the older sister of McKenna. Viola, much like her brother, is a little high on ego and somewhat hot-headed.

Guys come and go, in her eyes. She's had her fair share of relationships, but when she meets Taylor, she'll never want to have another relationship again.

But, will Viola have the strength to leave Taylor by herself, or will she need the help of her brother?

And even so, what'll happen to Viola then?



1. One - You Can't Change Me.

"Get that fucking camera off of me," Viola growled, looking up at her older step-brother who only grinned and shook his head, "Brian, I swear to fucking Christ above, if you don't get that camera off of me, I'll leak all of the videos of you drunk streaking down the street onto the internet, and I won't think twice about it, or feel the least bit guilty."

Brian pretended to take it into deep thought before he chuckled, "Nah, I'll take my chances. Besides, my bare ass on the internet would be a fan-girl's dream. So thank you for thinking about our female part of the fan-base, we really appreciate it."

"Go dig a ditch in the ocean and drown in it," She murmured, burying her head into her arms. Unlike her brother, who hadn't planned out any of his tattoo's really, she had spent the last five in a half years planning out her first tattoo. Ever since she turned twenty-one, she'd fell in love with her brother - And his friends - Colorful ink. The fact he'd been more than willing to pay for her first tattoo since her eighteenth birthday had only ignited her itching desire to get one.

"How long have you been writhing in pain?" He teased.

"Just around forty-five minutes - And it isn't painful at all." She lied straight through her teeth.

She almost regretted getting a tattoo the size of her forearm just beside her ribcage. Brian sat beside her, using his free hand to hold hers. She squeezed tightly as the needle grazed the skin covering her ribs. A shudder went through her body after a few minutes of not feeling the needle - Nor any pain.

"Alright," The tattoo artist spoke up, "You're all done. See, that wasn't so bad."

Viola with Brian's help, sat up as gingerly as possible. The tattoo artist - Whose name she faintly remembered being something along the lines of Tony or Anthony - handed her a large mirror, which Brian grabbed and angled it just enough so the newly tattooed brunette could admire her detailed torso ink.

She smiled broadly; The tattoo had come out to her liking more than she thought. Brian paid the man, and both bid him a great deal of thanks for both his patience and skill, before getting into Brian's car.

"You like it?" He asked her, as he started up his BMW.

Viola turned to him and nodded, "I love it, Brian. It's perfect."

"Does this mean you and I will be arranging more dates to get you all inked up like the guys and myself?

"Ahhh. I wouldn't get my hopes too high, Brian, but maybe."

"If you're worried about the pain, don't be. There is a 'getting over it' and 'becoming used to it' to the point where it doesn't even bother you. Hell, it tickles me when I get my tattoo's touched up.

"That's because you're old, and your senses wear out after you hit thirty."

Brian turned to glare at Viola, "Hey, watch your mouth. Viola Jessica. I'll tell Suzy and The Old Man, and you'll be grounded."

A laugh escaped her lips, "Oh, fuck off, Elwin. You were a tattle tale when our parents first got together and you're still a tattle tale, now. Old habits really do die hard, don't they?"

"Don't make me bring up the stories of you wetting the bed-"

"Shut up! I only wet the bed because you told me scary stories, you piece of shit!"

"Awww, did I give the wittle Viola scary wittle nightmares? Aw, I'm sowwie-"

"Go fuck yourself." She mumbled, crossing her arms over her chest, careful not to touch the raw ink of her tattoo, "On the bright side of my life, however, I don't have a fake relationship that I've been keeping up for the past eleven months, now do I?"

Brian rolled his eyes. "Lauren is real, I'm telling you."

"Oh really? Why haven't I met her Why hasn't anyone met her?"

"Because I met her on eHarmony-"

"Awww! Do you mean to tell me that the wittle Synyster Gates can't get an actual woman in real life? And that he has to use wittle bullshit dating sites to enhance his love life? Awww, that's so cute!"

"Go fuck yourself." Brian angrily retorted as he pulled into his dad and step-mom's driveway. Viola had to bite the inside of her cheek harshly to keep from laughing as Brian climbed out of his car. She pulled off her seat-belt and followed him to the door, where McKenna was eagely awaiting the pair. The purple haired girl, surprisingly, pushed past Brian to go and hug her biological sister. Viola's face screwed up in complete pain as her little sister's cheek was pressed against her fresh ink.

Brian, even though he was angry with her comment in the car, helped Viola - He pulled McKenna away and threw her over his shoulder, just like he used to before he left for tours. The three walked through the door and were greeted by their biological parent and step-parent.

"Jesus Christ, son, it's been a long time." Brian's dad couldn't help but to grin as he took his son into a long awaited hug, oblivious to his step-daughter who dangled off his right shoulder like a sack of gym clothes.

Viola smiled softly as she pushed the searing pulses of pain to the back of her mind and hugged her mother, "Hey, mom."

Her mom pulled away, admiring her daughter's appearance. The two hadn't seen each other in nearly a year, much due to Viola not wanting her mom to know she was almost twenty-seven and still single without a job, and living with her step-brother.

"It's good to see you, Viola." She replied, "You look really beautiful."

"Thank you."

There was a short silence before McKenna piped up, "Hey! I'm not a bag of potatoes, put me down!"

Without a single moment of hesitation, Brian dropped McKenna onto the couch, a loud 'oomph' sounding throughout the house. The purple haired girl stood up and pointed an accusing finger at her older step-brother, "You, mister... Well, I hope you choke on your green beans."

"I don't even like green beans. So that won't be a problem for me, tonight." Brian replied, chuckling along with his father.

Suzy flocked everyone into the dining area, where they all sat down. At the head of the table was Brian's dad. Brian sat next to Suzy on one side of the table, and McKenna sat on Viola's right on the other side of the table. Once dishes were all passed out and food had been slapped on them, they all dived in, conversation was comfortable.

After a few seconds of eating salt-less peas, McKenna scrunched her face up, "Pass the salt," She spoke towards Viola, who was too wrapped up in pouring herself a glass of sparkling wine.

McKenna frowned in annoyance and nudged her sister - Directly on her tattoo, "Pass the s-"

"Ow, fuck!" Viola yelped a little too loudly as she dropped the bottle of wine onto the table, causing it to spill all over food, the table cloth, and onto her lap. Everyone grew silent and turned to the brunette who was clutching her right side.

"Everything alright, Viola?" Brian's dad questioned her, setting his fork down.

Viola nodded, trying to fix her posture, but the searing pain from the tattoo hadn't really ceased yet. And the ice cold wine in her lap didn't help either. She stood up still clutching her side, which moved her top just above her belly button - Exposing the tender, cherry red skin and black and blue ink to McKenna. Her eyes grew wide with excitement - Like her sister, Brian's tattoo's had interested her greatly, "Oh, sweet, you got inked up like Brian!"

Suzy's eyebrows arched high on her forehead as she turned to look at her daughter, "Ink? Don't tell me you got a tattoo, Viola."

"I-I did." She replied quietly. Even though her mother was accepting of both Brian SR and Brian JR's tattoo, she wasn't accepting of ruining a female's skin with ink, not at all, "But it's nothing stupid!" She tried to vouch for herself.

"What did you get permanently etched onto your beautiful skin, then?"

"A feather..."

"Let me see."

Viola knew better than to walk over to her mother, who could easily slap the raw skin and make her cry and regret her decision. She stayed promptly where she was raised her top, showing off the feather and birds. Even though it symbolized something much deeper than what it showed, Suzy's face turned sour. "Why would you do that to yourself? You're a beautiful young woman - You could become a model! Well, not anymore," She gestured to the tattoo. "Now your skins ruined."

She sighed deeply at her mother's remarks. On the bright side, Viola didn't have to hear this for the rest of her life. She was grateful Brian offered her a place to stay all these years. However, she felt insanely bad for McKenna. Suzy had heard McKenna's remark and would probably give her shit for even thinking something like that.

"Let's go," Brian stated abruptly, Viola turned to him as he grabbed her wrist gently and towed her outside, "Dinner was great, we'll see you guys whenever we see you! Love you, McKenna!" He called behind them as he closed the door.

"You didn't have to do that," Viola replied.

"I know," He said as he got into the car, "But I put myself in your place, and decided I'd want someone to do that for me. It's your body, Vi, do whatever the fuck you want with it. You're twenty-six, an adult. Live your life for yourself., not anyone else."

She smiled softly and laid her head on his shoulder, "Thanks, Brian. I owe you."

"You're welcome. And you can pay me back by making me some pancakes tomorrow morning."


"I was thinking more like chocolate chip."

"You got it."

As the door shut in McKenna's face, she turned to her mother and opened her mouth, her anger flowing out of her lips. "You're so mean to her! This is why we hardly ever see her, mom! You act like she's my age and you scare her off! I wouldn't be surprised if we never saw her again!" McKenna looked at her mom for a few more seconds before huffing and walking to her room. She shut the door and made sure to lock the door. If Viola had taught her anything, it was that keeping to yourself was the best thing to do in your life.

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