Kylie K's life

Hello I'm Kylie Kashmiro and this is my life story.


1. The beginning

On April 15th 1999 a queen was born! lol I mean a baby girl was born in New York! NEW YORK NEW YORK.... sorry I'm getting off topic. Anyway I was born in NY from a woman mixed with white and Mexican. And my dad which is white and British, but I guess it's the same thing. Lmao. Anyway from there my parents moved to Texas 6 months after my brith. I was home schooled my whole elementary year in Texas. Then we moved to South Carolina. I was ready to finally go to a real school in 6th grade. In 6th grade I made friends so quickly it was never a problem for me to be alone. I soon became a social butterfly considering the fact that I never really hung out with kids before. Then 7th grade came. It was a new girl entering that year.....I will never forget her name. Her name was Rosa Parkson. Everyone loved rosa. Except me. I hated her. She used to bully me a lot and push me around like I was her pet. I hatted it. So I did something I probably should of thought about first. So at the play ground, I saw her. I went up to her and started to punch her in the face knocking her down. Long story short I won the fight and got in big trouble. After 7th grade I guess she moved because, I never saw her again. 


Stay tunned i Ed I add a chapter everyday. Make sure to follow me! :) and like this book at lest. Thanks and the next chapter will be me entering high school.    


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