Through Her And His Eyes

In this story is a story about a girl who writes her feelings down and takes you through her story. As you go along you see what she goes through and how her friends see her life .

- Tardis101245


1. Intro

                                                                 P.O.V: Emily


                                   Walking through the halls I saw your face you glanced my way and i glanced yours. You walked off hand in hand with Her as I walked to my class a single tear fell down my face. as i went back to that memory.

                                                                         1 Month Ago


In Emily's room her phone beeped and on the school was her friend Sam texted her. As she read the message she read that her boyfriend was asking out someone else and she cried a little bit she had thought she had it all perfect. After one little fight it all came crashing down.


                                                                   as if it was all a nightmare 

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