Through Her And His Eyes

In this story is a story about a girl who writes her feelings down and takes you through her story. As you go along you see what she goes through and how her friends see her life .

- Tardis101245


2. Chap.2

                                                                                P.O.V: Jack 


I was walking through the halls hand in hand with Jenna as i glanced at Emily and she glanced at me we had been best friends before then we started to date then she told me something . i must have said the wrong thing cause then it all came crashing down like a nightmare in the dark i might have wished i never knew i wish she never told me then none of this would have ever happened. no one ever told me that this would ever happen i had no idea this could have happened 

                                                                                P.O.V: Bree 

When i was at my locker I noticed that Sam and His new girlfriend Rose talking i was shocked that it had happened so fast the school year was almost over and everything was coming down like in a fire people on edge no one ready for what was about to come .


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