Yasmines Struggles

This Story is about 17year old Yasmine Carilo. She is from Mahattan NewYork. And was in the progress to moving to California. She is currently living with her Grandmother because her parents died.


2. Arrival


Yazmines POV

When I arrived at school I leaned in to kiss and thank Tay for giving me a ride. And quickly shut the door and left. Luckily I had 10 minutes before the late bell rung. So I hurried to my 1st period. When I walked in we had a sub "Thank You God". I went to the back of the class room with my BestFran since 2nd Grade A'mare'A. She had a Coca Cola bottle type body. And she was a nice an thick brown skin with really curly hair. "Hayy BestFran" *Hugs Her*

A'mare'A: Hayy Girl {Hugs Back}. 

Im so tired from last night I swear man that's the reason I'm like a couple minutes late  A'mare'A: ouuuu girl what happened. So this is what happened after my Gma left for work I told Tay to come over. And we chilled with Jay for a lil bit watching tv . After Jay went to bed me and him went to My room an cuddled for a bit because I was cold.

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