Yasmines Struggles

This Story is about 17year old Yasmine Carilo. She is from Mahattan NewYork. And was in the progress to moving to California. She is currently living with her Grandmother because her parents died.


1. All About Me

Yasmines POV:

Oh My Gosh when I woke up I instantly looked at the. And said to myself "Oh Shit" I was late for school. So I checked my phone to see 10 missed calls and 6 messages all from my Boyfriend Tay'Vion. He was my world 🤤🔐💙 we have been together for 4 years straight. We have had our fair share of fights but we made it. But back to what is was saying I got up an yelled downstairs to anyone who was in the house "Why Didn't Anybody Wake Me Up"?!?!!?! 

Jay(Lil Brother): because that isn't my responsibility 

I just rubbed it off and went into my bathroom an did my personal hygiene 🌸.Once I was done I went and picked out my Jordan 6 Burst and A grey shirt an some black joggers . Once I was done I ran downstairs to get me an apple. When I walked out of the kitchen I seen my brother sitting on the couch "Why in the world are you still here"? 

Jay: because we don't have school today it's a teacher work day.

Me: Oh that is right we'll stay here until Gigi gets off work and don't open the door for anybody. Do you understand me?

Jay: yea I gotcha

When I left out the house I instantly called Tay because I needed a ride and didn't want to take the city bus. 

*Phone Convasation*

Me:GoodMorning  Baybeh  I was wondering if you could pick me up because I overslept.

Tay: Aight Bet I'm On My Way 

Me: Thank You Drive Safe

*Phone Convasation Over *

It wasn't long until he pulled up his 2017 Honda . When he pulled up I hopped in the car and kissed him. And when I didn't I instantly smelled his Axe which turned me on a bit. "Come On now we don't have time for a make-out session "

Tay: Okay Bae Chill I juss want some of ya Juicy Lips 

"Well you'll get some later" 

Tay:Ouu got a nigga happy


{Skips The Drive} 







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