best friends

josh always wanted a dog but his parents told him no.... wat happens until he finds a wolf and they become best friends....will they keep him


10. wolf.....

a week past me and wolf have really become best friends . i woke up and took wolf outside i was sad cuz the school burnt down i was happy i made it out alive . me and wolf sat on a big rock he sat next to me. i was crying cuz of jake he dint make it out in time. wolf saw me crying he came closer we huged for a while i got home and went to bed early . i woke up the next day and said "walkies " to wolf usaly he comes down running he loves walks i ran around the house screaming "WOLF " . i say the door was open he must have found a way out . " mom wolf ran away !!!!" she dint have time to reply "im going out to look for wolf mom bye " i closed the door as she was gonna say something i had his faverite treats in my hand and hiz leash in the other i looked at all his faverite places . i saw something big and black at the other side of the road i ran over to it i realized it wasnt wolf i sudunly saw a ligth shine on me and a car came driving full spead at me they were texting  i tryd to get out of the way but i was to slow i closed my eyes after i got pushed out of the way i opend my eyes i was on the side walk the car pasted and stoped i got up crying as i realized wolf was laying down bleeding i ran to him . "wolf its ok bud im here stay with me bud dont go " i said crying hard to him he looked at me i could see in his brigth blue eyes he was telling me " if i die atleast ill die happy being the hero of my own best friend " i yelled for my dad he came running to me he took wolf he ran to the car got in i went in next to wolf we rushed to the vet .


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