best friends

josh always wanted a dog but his parents told him no.... wat happens until he finds a wolf and they become best friends....will they keep him


6. what.....

i walked back and fowards in the ofice while they were cheaking wolf i told my dad ."is he gonna be ok is he gonna live is he gonna be able to live a happy life" i told my dad .the vet came in he told me looking kinda sad " well josh you wolf has a broken leg so bad he will maybe need to amputate but thats if it doesnt heal rigth  also his skull is cracked it will take months to recove and wolf has had a bad past too it migth take longer we will keep him for the rest of the summer " "ok" i said almost crying . me and my dad left .we got home and he told my mom everything . i went up to my room and looked at the drawing i made of him when we first met i was crying hard. my dad came in " so whats his name " " whos name " "the wolf"  " its wolf "  " nice name so i want to tell you something im very very sorry i hurt wolf i dint know he was so inportent for you " he told me i could tell he was sorry " well you know it now so leave dad please " he left i went to bed my eyes red like a rose

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