best friends

josh always wanted a dog but his parents told him no.... wat happens until he finds a wolf and they become best friends....will they keep him


7. reunited

summer was over i still dint get any news about wolf . i slowly walked to school  sad. "hey josh whats wrong bro" i heard jake say from in back of me "oh hey jake " he could tell i fake smiled .he brang me to a table "tell me josh wats wrong " "well you remember wen i went chasing after that wolf well he became a reason to live for me but there....."  i told him the hole story . school was over .while i walk home i get a call from my dad . "josh hurry home were going somewhere you gonna love it ill tell ya the news in the car " ok " i ran home and jumped in the car with my dad he seemed happy i still wasnt . " josh the vet called and were going-" i cut him and yellled"YYYYEEEEESSSSS" i was happier that ever . we get to the vet i run inside and ask to see wolf . i go into the room wolf was in . i saw this cute wolf he got up his bed and ran to me i soon realized his left front leg was gone . i looked back into wolfs eyes and hugged him "i missed ya bud" the vet came in and said" you can bring him home " i looked at wolf he had hope in his eyes i could tell he was happy " we got home wolf jumped out the car and almost ran away "wolf come back bud " he ran back to me i went inside my mom was waiting she saw wolf i could tell she was kinda scared. wolf ran up to her  she instantly fell in love with him " soo " "soo what" my mom replied ."can we keep him mom and dad please " they looked at each other . they looked at me and noded . i almost shouted. i had this big smile on my face " come wolf " he followed me upstairs i sat on my bed he jumped on with me  and sat next to me . i put his colar on . i instantly rememberd the moments wen we just met i hugged him then fell asleep he was laying on me in my bed

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