best friends

josh always wanted a dog but his parents told him no.... wat happens until he finds a wolf and they become best friends....will they keep him


2. him....

i finished school. while i was walking home eating my taco i saw a thing looked like a wolf i decided to investagate jake tried to stop me but i ingnored him . i left into the forest following the tracks and a black wolf. he stoped turned around and we just stared at each other . i threw  some of my taco to him he eat it then left.i went back home of corse my parents were woried."mom dad im fine i just went to get a taco" they had no respond cuz they know i love tacos .i went up the stairs and wen i got in my room i locked the door . i could not get that wolf out of my head i just felt a conection . i started sketching him and i drew a red colar on him .i went to sleep still that wolf in my head

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