best friends

josh always wanted a dog but his parents told him no.... wat happens until he finds a wolf and they become best friends....will they keep him


11. goodbye(final chapter)

we went into the vets and got called in straigth away the vet examind wolf he came back out almost crying "josh im sorry but we cant help wolf he all his legs are crushed by the car were gonna need to uthanize him im sorry josh"  "can i atleats be with him when you do it "  i said crying " of corse " i walked in seeing wold on a blanket he couldnt lift his head he just looked at me i knew it was the rigth thing to do " its ok wolf your gonna be put out of your pain ill always love you bud your the best dog ever " i said crying "goodbye" i starting crying hard i huged him as he slowly left  i let him go then we did a funeral i put all his stuff in the grave i cryed for years i was too depressed to go to school wen i finaly went back i was greeted by everyone they all new what happened they made me fell like i matter atleat i know he died happy i lived the rest of my life happy but ill always have a bigger place in my heart for wolf atleats 99% of my heart is for wolf ........... END




hey guys a sad ending for this story its based on my real story its all real even the ending loosing my best friend jake is real everything in this story is real  but wolf had a happy life living with me and my family i hope you guys like the story and even the end was hard for me to whrite so yeah bye guys more animal stories coming up 

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