best friends

josh always wanted a dog but his parents told him no.... wat happens until he finds a wolf and they become best friends....will they keep him


8. bullys

i woke up wolf was looking outside. he jumped on me making me fully waking up forgeting i put my alarmclock on eaely for wolfs walk. i went downstairs my parents were aleready awake they always wake up early. i walk down filling wolfs bowl up of dog food .i grabbed myself a bowl of cerial and sat on the floor next to wolf ."your not gonna sit at the table " my mom said "no ill rather be on the floor with wolf " i replied stuffing my mouth with food . me and wolf finished eating at the same time i put my bowl in the sink as wolf put his bowl into the sink too. "what are you gonna go do josh "  "me and aolf are going to get him atual dog stufc and a atual dog bowls instead of ours "  "how much money do you have " my dad told me "around 20000" "ok  have a good time wolf and josh" thx dad " i put my shoes on took wolfs leash and we went to go at the pet shop were i could bring wolf in . i walked past a few houses .  i heard a voice not jakes but bradlees voice "hey douchebag how ya going nerd" " bradlee go away and you wont get away this time cuz i got company "  i said with confidence "oh hey its only a little week dog its not like ya got a wolf there never gonna be tamable " wolf turned around when he heard wolf he started growling knowing bradled was mean " say hi to wolf my wolf " "hes a husk-" i cut him " you remember when a black wold ate your fuking pitbull wells that was the only wolf over here did you ever see him again "  "yeah the last time i saw him he had a red color i took a picture and it was whrited wolf on it " i showed him the tag and he fainthed  i tugged wolfs leash saying " side " he came to my side we kep walking until we got to the pet shop

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