best friends

josh always wanted a dog but his parents told him no.... wat happens until he finds a wolf and they become best friends....will they keep him


9. adventure in the petshop

me and wold reached the petshop we went inside i saw lots of dogs with there owners. i went to the dog section. i boutgh water bowls food bowls then toys but i got carried away when i saw dog clothes i bougth a tux a police dog outfit chase from pawpatrole costume lots of funnny cute stuff for him . i got him lots more food too . adventualy wolf got carried away too.he ran to the dog treats begging me to bye some i boutgh loads of treats just for one dog .




\note please read/

hey guys sorry for the short chapters guys im new to whriting its my first one i know im not good at spelling but the end will be here soon its gonna be abit sad for you animal lovers but hope you like my story ill be whriting new ones too please cheak my youtube chanel kodiack kodie i dont make lots of videos but atleats im a starter bye guys xD

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