The Queen of England

She's back bitches. Bow down to Emma Tudor, the queen of England and the wife of six unruly men. Divorced, beheaded and died. Divorced, beheaded and survived. Meet Charles of Aragon, Andrew Boleyn, James Seymour, Andrew of Cleves, Charles Howard and Charles Parr.
Meet her three lovely children, Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward. This queen is living in London in times of turmoil. Why did she divorce the love of her life? Why did she divorce Charles of Aragon? Maybe she sacrificed her love for her kingdom. Maybe she did because she was trying to get rid of her enemies.


4. James Seymour


James Seymour was number three

For him did I climb a tree

Gave him son, he died

I cried and with him

Will I be buried

With one on the streets and one in the grave, I decided to take a little break. I had two lovely daughters that needed a dad. James Seymour was a prize to be had. James was also a prize that I won fair and square. James had a special bond with his two stepdaughters and he loved them more than life itself. Mary and Elizabeth grew up under James’ watchful guidance and then he contracted the plague. I was with child and couldn’t comfort him in his death. He died and I cried, two weeks later I gave birth to James’ son who I called Edward. Darling Prince Ed and his two sisters needed a dad and I didn’t know where to turn too.

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