The Queen of England

She's back bitches. Bow down to Emma Tudor, the queen of England and the wife of six unruly men. Divorced, beheaded and died. Divorced, beheaded and survived. Meet Charles of Aragon, Andrew Boleyn, James Seymour, Andrew of Cleves, Charles Howard and Charles Parr.
Meet her three lovely children, Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward. This queen is living in London in times of turmoil. Why did she divorce the love of her life? Why did she divorce Charles of Aragon? Maybe she sacrificed her love for her kingdom. Maybe she did because she was trying to get rid of her enemies.


7. Charles Parr


Number six was Charles Parr

He gave me something like a car

We fell in love

He raised my tots

He cleaned my pots

He's the only one who survived. 

I couldn't kill him because without him

I had no life

I married six unruly men, two divorced

one died, two beheaded and one survived 

Charles Parr was number six. He enjoyed eating Twix. He loved my children and they loved him so we got hitched. Charles was a good man and the only one that I trusted other than dead James and dead Charles of Aragon. My children adored their stepfather and he was kind. He was noble and he survived. We had a daughter and son. We’re growing old together and it makes me so happy to know that finally I found a man like the first one that I found. Charles had Charles of Aragon’s spirit and reminded me of James. The children couldn’t be happier with their father and stepdad. The kingdom rejoiced because I finally settled down.


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