The Queen of England

She's back bitches. Bow down to Emma Tudor, the queen of England and the wife of six unruly men. Divorced, beheaded and died. Divorced, beheaded and survived. Meet Charles of Aragon, Andrew Boleyn, James Seymour, Andrew of Cleves, Charles Howard and Charles Parr.
Meet her three lovely children, Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward. This queen is living in London in times of turmoil. Why did she divorce the love of her life? Why did she divorce Charles of Aragon? Maybe she sacrificed her love for her kingdom. Maybe she did because she was trying to get rid of her enemies.


6. Charles Howard


Charles Howard was number five

He caused England so much strife

I decided to give him the knife

England went without a king for a period of seven years. I was getting sick of getting married. I was upset and so was Mary, we had received word that Charles of Aragon had passed away. Looking back on my life Charles was my first love; he was really the only one I had ever loved. Sure I loved James but not as much as Charles. He was dead and I couldn’t marry him like I had intended on doing. I had intended on capturing and killing all the unruly men that destroyed England but I never wanted Charles to die.

         Charles Howard was a coward. He was known to be a playboy and take away the virginity of most women in the streets of London. I married him and we had a wild time. He insulted my daughters and I found him cheating on me while I carried his child. I miscarried the child and a year after our wedding Charles was beheaded and his crimes to the city and to the country were exposed. Charles died and I survived. 

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