[11th Doctor] The Fall of Bliss

The Doctor, trapped in one time period with only Clara and a lonesome apartment in a place called Cornucopia for comfort, must save Clara and Lana when he meets a strange, masked person who may just solve all of his problems.


5. V

(Written from Bliss's POV.)

The tables had turned, the Doctor probably thought. How he did underestimate Bliss.

"Do you have it in you, to look a man in his eyes and shoot him dead? From what I have learnt, you have killed your fair share of people. However, it was never by your hand - you just led them to their graves. Could you actually do it and kill someone?" Bliss asked, striding forwards. The Doctor seemed to be hesitating quite massively - a flaw the Doctor would never lose.
"I admit, I have never shot someone before and actually killed them. But you took my TARDIS. You killed Clara. You have taken many lives. I won't let it happen again," the Doctor answered calmly, the gun steady in his grip.
"Then I will have my final victory. If I am to die, then this will be the last act I perform. It's just a shame that to you it isn't an act of kindness," Bliss growled, then raised his hand and sent a red burst of energy towards Lana. It hit her in the stomach and she fell down.
"You didn't have to kill her!" the Doctor roared.
"Yet I did, and no-one is going to fix that, now are they?" Bliss laughed. The Doctor raised one eyebrow.
"Someone is going to fix it, actually," he argued.
"And who would that be?"
"Me." The Doctor shot Bliss repeatedly, firing a whole round in total. He then threw the gun down as Bliss fell to his knees. Suddenly, Clara was much better and stronger, and Lana burst to life in a fit of coughing.
"This is the fall of Bliss," the Doctor said dramatically, then helped Clara and Lana up as they ran away. Bliss clutched himself, and then he fell to the floor with a limp, bleeding, lifeless body.

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