[11th Doctor] The Fall of Bliss

The Doctor, trapped in one time period with only Clara and a lonesome apartment in a place called Cornucopia for comfort, must save Clara and Lana when he meets a strange, masked person who may just solve all of his problems.


4. IV

Finally, they stopped walking, and the Doctor stared at the TARDIS.
"You came back!" he exclaimed, practically dancing with joy. The TARDIS door opened, and a person with a mask on walked out of the TARDIS. Lana pushed her glasses further up her nose. The Doctor glared at the masked person.
"Who are you?" he asked, looking deeply concerned.
"I am Bliss, the master of death, the architect of pain and the god of despair. There can be no sorrow without loss, no pain without truth. And your truth is what you cast aside is now mine. Find joy in the time you have left, for time belongs to me now. And take solace in this one glorious fact: this universe is now my canvas." The masked man called Bliss said, then removed his mask. His face was a perfectly ordinary face, and yet his height and the fact that he was a tall, slender, dark man could scare all types of people. Lana glanced at the Doctor as she felt the barrel of a gun pressed to her back.
"Doctor," she whispered. He whirled to see the guns pointed at all four of them, Bliss included.
"You do not want to start havoc with me, little soldiers," Bliss warned. The men started laughing, and then they fired at Bliss. Bliss grunted, falling slightly, but then he stood as if being shot did nothing to stop him and he raised his hand. A red blast of strange energy exploded from his palm, flinging all the men off their feet and backwards. The Doctor stared at Bliss in what may have been fear.
"Please, stop this now," the Doctor pleaded. Bliss turned his head to Clara, as if he had sensed a new target, then raised his hand to her and sent an energy blast into her face.
"NO!" the Doctor screamed, running to catch Clara as she fell. He looked up and gave a even eviler look at Bliss, who was walking away. He checked Clara's pulse. Nothing. Feeling desperate, he performed CPR on her repeatedly.
"It's too late," Lana confirmed solemnly. She went ignored as he continued to perform CPR on her.
"Not yet," he snarled. "Please. It kills me every time... don't do this to me again," he continued on, tears in his eyes now. He covered his face in his hands. Then he got up angrily and looked at Bliss, who was still walking away.
"I'll stop you, Bliss! To my last breath!" he yelled, his eyes ablaze.
"I'm sorry, Doctor," Lana muttered.
"No-one is truly dead, Doctor. There are ways you can save her. This is your test. I will give her two hours to live. If you cannot find out how to keep her alive in those two hours, this town burns and she will die again. This is your greatest test," Bliss smiled, then waved his hand with red swirls following his fingertips. Clara coughed as her heart restarted, and she stared right at Bliss. Bliss turned and walked away, and the Doctor seemed speechless. Until he straightened up.
"Wait," he called. Bliss stopped, then turned back and raised an eyebrow at the Doctor.
"I know how to stop you already. But the real test is if I do it."

Bliss smiled as the Doctor reached for a gun on the floor, sat by the men that Bliss had attacked. And then he raised it to Bliss's face.

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