[11th Doctor] The Fall of Bliss

The Doctor, trapped in one time period with only Clara and a lonesome apartment in a place called Cornucopia for comfort, must save Clara and Lana when he meets a strange, masked person who may just solve all of his problems.


3. III

Clara could tell she would get on well with Lana.

She was always ready to laugh, and she was still in her teenage years. Sceptical and cynical teenagers were Clara's favourite teenagers.
"Wanna talk?" Lana asked Clara.
"About what?" Clara smiled.
"I dunno. Boys and stuff."
"I mean... sure?"
"How long have you and the Doctor been together?"
Clara laughed so hard she was almost crying. "We're not together," she smiled. "Just friends."
"Oh, is he taken or something?"
"He has mentioned a woman once or twice."
"Ohhh. Who?"
"River Song."
"Tell me where she is so I can chop her head off and then steal him."
Clara wasn't sure if Lana was joking or not, but she decided that Lana was and forced herself to laugh. "He's too old for you."
"I'm only 17. He looks to be in his twenties - 21 maybe?"
"He's very old. Older than 100."
"How the hell does he look like a 9 year old?"
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
Lana shrugged at that. The Doctor walked over, beaming.
"I don't know why I'm asking you this, but do you own the police box?" Lana asked the Doctor.
"Yes, why?" the Doctor frowned, sounding excited.
"One appeared in the streets a few weeks back. No-one has stepped out or went in. It's just kinda... sat there."
The Doctor looked up, a new kind of hope in those gleaming eyes, and he took out the TARDIS key.
"Take me to it," he demanded immediately.

And then they began walking.

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