[11th Doctor] The Fall of Bliss

The Doctor, trapped in one time period with only Clara and a lonesome apartment in a place called Cornucopia for comfort, must save Clara and Lana when he meets a strange, masked person who may just solve all of his problems.


2. II

This was it. Lana's end.

Even though she was being chased along with her wealthy friends in Cornucopia, she had a big urge to look round the corner, even though she knew that they were round there and if she looked she'd be skewered, curiosity defeated her in the end and she looked round. A group of ten men holding expensive weaponry were chasing men and women across the cities. She was next to be chased. This was her death. She felt her hand be held by someone and braced herself to be shot. However, when she looked round she realised this was not a man from the group. He was, in fact, a ordinary man wearing a purple bow tie, tweed jacket and other strange choices of clothing whom she couldn't identify. He squeezed her hand.
"Run," he whispered. She didn't hesitated - she just ran away from the scene with him on her trail. She noticed a woman with brown hair running past the group of men. This made Lana frown. The girl who ran past them was definitely not Lana's friend, so who was she? She seemed to be drawing their fire, so Lana would have to make use of it. The girl then caught up with them and ran with the man in the bow tie.
"Clara, are you injured?" the man in the bow tie asked the girl.
"I was shot in the elbow, but the bullet only slightly hit me. The rest of it missed," the girl called Clara answered. Lana was so confused. Why would they want to help her?
"Who are you people?" Lana snapped.
"I'm the Doctor and this is Clara. We save the world from everything you could name and more than that. But for now we're keeping Cornucopia safe," the man in the bow tie replied, still running. Then he hauled Lana and Clara into an apartment, and they stumbled over each other inside.
"My back!" the Doctor cried miserably.
"My ego!" Clara joined in.
"My confusion!" Lana finished. They looked at each other as they struggled to their feet and laughed. Although Lana was confused and really wanted to run, something told her that staying with these two strangers would be safe. After all, they'd just saved her life and no doubt saved some of her friends. These people were allies.

For now. 

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