[11th Doctor] The Fall of Bliss

The Doctor, trapped in one time period with only Clara and a lonesome apartment in a place called Cornucopia for comfort, must save Clara and Lana when he meets a strange, masked person who may just solve all of his problems.


1. I

It'd already been a week, and the Doctor was still stuck in Cornucopia. Many times, Clara had tried to convince him it wasn't that bad, but he'd said patience was for wimps and that he didn't understand how humans cope. She didn't really have a response to that. Slowly, she walked onto the balcony, looking down at the busy streets. Last time she'd been here, the Doctor had fought his evil self and actually succeeded. But that was back when they'd had the TARDIS, back when they could travel anywhere and back when the Doctor was a loud and limb-flailing individual. Now he was quiet and didn't talk at all. It was really saddening. She saw him on the balcony, looking down at the cities below, and wondered if he was always this uninterested in her on the inside and on the outside it was all an act. Then she banished such thought. It seemed silly. Wary, she put an arm around him and hugged him.
"She will come back," she assured him. He looked at her doubtfully. His sad eyes looked back at the cities below, but still she hugged him.
"But when? If I stay here for another day I think I might lose it," he said tiredly, looking sad.
"Get some rest and just... try to focus on the good things!" she smiled.
"No, I can't sleep. You could get hurt around here. You get some rest, I'll make sure you're safe," he argued.
"Listen, Doctor. You're overprotective and you need some rest. You are so grumpy right now and if you sleep it will seriously help."
"Fine, but it won't solve anything." He walked past her, heading into the apartment that an old friend had gave him as a gift. After a few moments of watching the busy streets, she followed after him. Cornucopia was a very dangerous place, where the rich turned poor within a week. Crime would spread like The Great Plague until it touched almost everyone. And then? Then chaos would haunt the streets no matter what time it was. And grief would never stop roaming around here. Tiredly, she kept an eye on the Doctor as he rested, resisting the urge to sleep herself. After four hours of boredom and tiredness, the Doctor awoke, and his eyes immediately settled on Clara.
"I want to apologise about the tone of voice I used earlier," he told her.
"You don't ever need to apologise to me about anything. Don't bother, Doctor. Now come on, we've got Cornucopia to try and make a better place!" she smiled back, then hauled him up and readied herself for some good old running.

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