I wish


1. I wish

I was I was smaller, I wish I was prettier

I wish my tummy wouldn't stick out as much and I wish my teeth were straighter.

I wish my scars would fade, I wish my stretch marks would disappear

I wish I wouldn't have slept with that person and I wish I wasn't always attracted to the wrong people.

I wish my sister would still be desperate to talk to me, I wish my brother would stop hating me

I wish my grades were better and I didn't let my parents down so much.

I wish I didn't do drugs and drink to make me feel normal and to help me fit in, I wish I didn't post revealing pictures of myself online for people to notice me

I wish he wouldn't have suddenly left me and I wish I could never get attached to someone again.

I wish I didn't go to that party, I wish I hadn't have taken that pill

I wish you'd tell me I was good good enough and I wish I'd stop loosing sleep because I can't stop crying.

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