[11th Doctor] Reason To Be

The Doctor and Clara Oswald - the perfect duo - land in Cornucopia to see the celebration everybody has been waiting for. Until, as usual, the trouble starts, and the Doctor must confront the most dangerous and unpredictable individual he will ever face. A heart-stopping, pulse-racing story that will keep you guessing until the truth is revealed and your eyes cannot bare to read on.


5. V

They followed him to a quiet part of the festival, where the look-a-like was cornered at a dead end.
"Game over. Give up and we'll give you a chance," the Doctor told him.
"And let you send me to the Shadow Proclamation? Then they'll ask all sorts of questions I can't answer. Y'know, if you sent me to ol' Shadow Proc, they'd actually probably offer me a job, seeing as how I'm you and whatnot. Only I'm fine with swearing and rule-breaking. Also, you're really out of your depth when it comes to stopping people. This isn't game over. I'm near the crowds - they're just round the corner. All I really needed was to bring you near the blast as this is where I planted the explosion that will burn Cornucopia. Find peace in the time you have left, Time Lord," the look-a-like smiled, and then he took out a device that had a trigger on it. Just as the Doctor reached for him, he vanished.
"What do we do?" Clara asked urgently.
"I don't think he was bluffing. When I bluff, it's usually really obvious that I'm doing it. I don't think this will pan out well, Clara. We have to go," the Doctor said solemnly.
"No! We're not walking away from this!" Clara argued.
"We can't stay here and help! There is nothing we can do!"
"I won't let this place burn, and I won't let you let it happen either. Come on, the explosion will take place anytime soon."
The Doctor looked like he was about to argue, so Clara hauled him to the busy crowds.
"Stand up on that stage and talk. Do what you do best. Be you," she told him. He stared st her for a few moments, then ran up onto the stage where people were performing. People stared at him like he'd just committed a sin.
"Ladies and gentlemen of Cornucopia, I am sorry to say that you are in serious trouble! A crime lord has set an explosive here at the heart of the fun and there is no time to lose! You must escort yourself from here at this moment! If you don't believe me, don't blame me when you die in an explosion. I'm so sorry, but the festival has to stop here. Please run from this spot or all hell will break loose!" he yelled, and unexpectedly, people started screaming as they ran in separate directions from each other.
"Sometimes I wonder if you notice that you scare people," Clara smiled, grabbing his hand and running with him to the TARDIS. Until, of course, they saw the look-a-like watching them.

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