[11th Doctor] Reason To Be

The Doctor and Clara Oswald - the perfect duo - land in Cornucopia to see the celebration everybody has been waiting for. Until, as usual, the trouble starts, and the Doctor must confront the most dangerous and unpredictable individual he will ever face. A heart-stopping, pulse-racing story that will keep you guessing until the truth is revealed and your eyes cannot bare to read on.


4. IV

Angry with himself, the Doctor woke up from being shot with a stun gun and looked around. The streets were still full of civilians and not one of them tried to help him. He limped on, looking around.
"You can't help her." He turned, hearing the voice, and saw a woman with a pale face and blue eyes looking at him.
"Why?" he asked.
"She was taken by him. He's a dangerous man. He leaves death and destruction wherever he treads. If he has the girl, though, she will be alive. He keeps people of sentimental value alive for a reason. Either for ransom, or to trap others much more valuable. If this girl means a lot to you, it is probably you he is after. He is not to be underestimated at any point. That man is a monster, a thief and a murderer. He killed my brother when I was 14. I've been trying to stop him ever since. It almost cost me my life. Nobody knows his name. Some people say his name is so monstrous it could burn civilisations. Others say it is so sacred that even he does not know his own name. Whatever the reason, whoever knows his name is instantly killed. Your friend is bait. He's using her to lure you in. He has security measures of every kind that nothing could surpass - it's deadlocked. I'm sorry, my friend, but it's game over. Leave while you can. I know what he's planning, and it will kill us all. But you can escape, I know you can. So leave here," the woman explained.
"I don't walk away from anything and I will not leave my friend behind," the Doctor told her, then turned and ran. The woman sighed.

Another dead end. He wasn't sure where to look anymore. What if she was dead? What if it was game over? And then he saw a man in a bow tie with the same eye colour and clothes, and he ran over. The man walked away, and he followed.

Slowly, he walked into the room that his look-a-like went into. His heart sank when he saw Clara asleep and handcuffed to a pole. He reached into his jacket for his sonic, but before his hands closed around it a wave of excruciating pain hit him like a cargo train. He cried out, and Clara's eyes snapped open. He saw a figure stood in the shadows, watching it all with a smile on their face. His look-a-like. They stepped out from the shadows and watched the Doctor contort in agony.
"Hello, mate," they smiled, then held up a hand and the Doctor stopped contorting. He was sweating badly.
"Who are you?" the Doctor asked, struggling to his feet. He was shaky.
"Oh, Doctor, I'm sure you would've figured that out by now. I'm you, but the cooler version. Not a clone, but Clara's guess was as good as any. I'm actually just from a parallel universe to this one," the look-a-like answered.
"If you're from a parallel universe, you could rip time apart."
"I know. Saves me the trouble, eh?" he laughed slightly, a scary laugh that probably scared all the birds out of the trees. The Doctor glared, then pointed to Clara.
"Let her go," he demanded.
"Your wish is my command." The look-a-like smiled brightly, then took a key from his pocket and tossed it to the Doctor. The Doctor caught it and took the handcuffs from Clara.
"Now stop whatever you're going to do here in Cornucopia," the Doctor ordered.
"Too late, I'm afraid. You may want to start flying away now, or your friend will be caught in the crossfire," the look-a-like argued.
"I know you're going to do something to the people here, and I will stop that."
"Then you'll need a head-start." He ran past them to where the festival was taking place.
"After him!" the Doctor cried, and they gave chase. 

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