[11th Doctor] Reason To Be

The Doctor and Clara Oswald - the perfect duo - land in Cornucopia to see the celebration everybody has been waiting for. Until, as usual, the trouble starts, and the Doctor must confront the most dangerous and unpredictable individual he will ever face. A heart-stopping, pulse-racing story that will keep you guessing until the truth is revealed and your eyes cannot bare to read on.


3. III

The man watched the girl he'd taken from the man called the Doctor with predatory amusement.

She had waken two times now, bombarding him with questions that only he had answers to. But it was so amusing to watch her struggle to make sense of what was going on. Poor little girl. Running into trouble that she will never understand.

She awoke again, staring right at him. Slowly, he walked forward a little, into the light. She was more than likely questioning how he looked so exact and why he was doing this. But questions had answers that weren't always very nice. He was sure if he told this girl who he was she would start accusing him of lies. He found accusations highly annoying, so therefore he refrained from telling her his identity.
"Please tell me what is happening," she pleaded, looking extremely afraid. He sat down on a small block and looked at her.
"You've been taken hostage," he answered. He wanted to be straight and come off as a nice guy in general. He didn't really know why.
"Why?" she asked, tears in her eyes. He hated questions. There were so many, and most of them were stupid. Humans were a hindrance most of the time.
"Because that is what I have decided to do with you. I know your precious friend will come looking for you, and he will walk right in here, where I want him. The security measures I have set up are small, yet it would easily kill a Time Lord at my command. He is always picking up little strays on Earth, isn't he? Or maybe you're not the right person to ask. You've become so attached to him that even you'd deny the truth just because you cared about your precious Doctor. I do not wish to take his life, though. If I have to, I will. But for now, he stays alive. If he foils any of my plans I will kill him and all his precious strays before you. Where I walk, tragedy follows. Even where your Doctor walks, tragedy still follows. He saves those planets mainly from himself," he smiled. She stared, wide-eyed. What a pretty little thing. He could see why the Time Lord chose her.
"You can't do this. He'll stop you," she told him fearfully. He sighed, her empty remarks already tiring him, and then he picked up a stun gun and fired it in her face.


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