[11th Doctor] Reason To Be

The Doctor and Clara Oswald - the perfect duo - land in Cornucopia to see the celebration everybody has been waiting for. Until, as usual, the trouble starts, and the Doctor must confront the most dangerous and unpredictable individual he will ever face. A heart-stopping, pulse-racing story that will keep you guessing until the truth is revealed and your eyes cannot bare to read on.


2. II

"Where to next?" Clara asked, bursting into the TARDIS with a massive grin on her face. The Doctor looked up for a book on TARDIS mechanics and tossed it behind him as he stood up.
"Cornucopia, of course! It's one of the best places to go... well, apart from the unstoppable crime, grief and litter, of course. But anyway, it's great to go there, especially when the festival is on. They have a festival to celebrate the town and it's supposed to be brilliant! Everyone shows off their talents and it's just an amazing thing to see. I have to take you, it's life-changing!" he answered with a smile of his own. She sat down as the TARDIS wheezed and groaned, flying through the stars. Until, of course, it reached its destination.
"Ladies first," he said, walking over to the TARDIS doors and opening them. Clara hesitated, then stepped outside into the warmth of this place called Cornucopia.
"It's lovely weather," she admitted as a calm breeze pushed her hair to the right.
"Isn't it just? C'mon, we've landed somewhere... not sure where. Oh, this is a storage room," the Doctor agreed, taking her hand in his and running to the doors that he had noticed. They were shoved open, and they saw huge skyscrapers and miraculous buildings. Shops and clinics were scattered around, but one bar caught the Doctor's eye.
"Let's check out this bar!" he told her excitedly, walking over to it. On the wall was a large sign with a picture of a large cup and a straw. Above it, in bold lettering, it read:


"Catchy name," said Clara as she was tugged into the bar. Everyone looked up from their drinks, and the bartender looked petrified. They walked over to the bartender. For some reason, Clara felt slightly nervous - probably because everyone was staring at her and the Doctor.
"Hello there, barkeep! I was just searching for some information. Do you have any? It's about the festival that takes place. It's today, isn't it?" the Doctor smiled at the bartender.
"Yes, it is today. Now please, get out. You came in here earlier and threatened me. Why the sudden change of mood?" the bartender snapped back.
"I'm sorry, but we did not come here earlier and I never threaten people. Maybe you saw someone else?" the Doctor replied, looking confused.
"No, they look exactly the same. Stupid bow tie and everythin'. From the eye colour to the enormous chin and the hair-do," the bartender said.
"Why would anyone want to look like you, of all people?" Clara frowned.
"Oi! I'm good-looking," the Doctor retorted.
"No, you're really not. Have you seen yourself?" She laughed. The Doctor sighed in annoyance, then walked out of the bar. She followed.
"So I have a exact look-a-like running around? That's not good. People are gonna start getting scared every time I go somewhere this look-a-like guy went. This isn't good at all," he muttered darkly, looking concerned.
"Do you think he's a outlaw?" Clara asked him.
"I don't know. He probably is. But if he has the same eye colour, the same chin... the same hair... I don't really understand who gets plastic surgery to look like me, and why. There's something I'm definitely missing," he mumbled on.
"Maybe it's a clone!"
"No, I don't think so."
"Then who could it be?"
"Give me some time, I'll figure it out." A loud noise of hooting and strange music came from their left.
"It's the festival!" the Doctor exclaimed, grabbing her hand and pulling her along. They reached a street full of people, and she noticed someone wearing a bow tie watching from a distance.
"Doctor," she whispered, looking at the Doctor. He looked up and saw the man with the bow tie watching. But he didn't just have a bow tie. He had black hair, green eyes and the same clothing as the Doctor. Exact copy.
The Doctor started walking towards the look-a-like, but they'd already vanished into the shadows.
"Doctor, I think something bad is going on," she said, avoiding the flailing arms of dancers all around her.
"So do I, and I don't like the fact that there's someone who looks exactly like me running around. It's all very concerning,"  he agreed. She felt something sharp on her arm, like a needle, and cried out as her vision grew darker. The last thing she was aware of was a look-a-like and the Doctor - she wasn't sure which one was which - reaching forward to catch her in her fall.

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