[11th Doctor] Reason To Be

The Doctor and Clara Oswald - the perfect duo - land in Cornucopia to see the celebration everybody has been waiting for. Until, as usual, the trouble starts, and the Doctor must confront the most dangerous and unpredictable individual he will ever face. A heart-stopping, pulse-racing story that will keep you guessing until the truth is revealed and your eyes cannot bare to read on.


1. I

(From the 'mystery man's' POV. You find out who this mystery man is later in the story.)

Cornucopia was falling.

Grief, litter and crime was everywhere. No-one had any laws to obey, and therefore the world was a state. Luckily for him, he had plans that involved such things. Laws and sanity were below him. He usually had other ideas.
"Get me whiskey, now," he demanded calmly to bartender. The man tried his best to look full of authority. It was all very amusing.
"Not without seeing some money in here. I'll have you kicked out if you try anything too stupid," the bartender replied, gesturing to the security members stood by the door. The man leaned in over the counter and looked the bartender in the eyes.
"You'll get me my damn whiskey right now or I'll tear your vocal chords out with my pretty little instruments. Then, I'll proceed to slowly and painfully kill you, and if anyone tries anything I'll kill every last person in this room." He smiled with a mischievous look in his eye. A deadly look. "So really, buddy, it's up to you." The bartender hesitated, then stumbled away, grabbing a bottle of gin. He'd got the order wrong, but the man wasn't that thirsty anyway, and gin was nice, so he payed for his drink and drank up. The festival was coming soon, and he knew that it would be the most spectacular show. For he had a plan, and nothing would get in his way.

If it did, this place would have hell to pay.


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