Still loving You

A Ravenclaw girl falls in love with a Gryffindor legend. Harry Potter and Jessabella became friends as first years and now they are six years. Will Harry fall for Jessa or will Harry turn to Jessa's twin sister Hermione


10. Epilogue

"When Jessabella finally felt better. Harry and her left the hospital wing hand in hand. They walked to the great hall and as soon as they entered Hermione's face sunk. Hermione had hoped Harry would realize that she was the one for him but Harry never did. Harry was in love with her sister and she just had to accept the fact that it was true. She walked up to her sister and her crush and whispered.

"You two look happy together. Jess I envy you but I am so happy you're happy."

"Thanks sis."

Hermione wrapped her arms around her twin and the two hugged. It was a beautiful moment. 



Two weeks later Harry held Jessabella's hand as they sat in the great hall and waited as Dumbledor called up seniors one by one to present them with their magical diplomas and the permission slip to use magic outside of Hogwarts. Harry was dressed up in his gold and red graduation cap and gown. Hermione and Ron were wearing their graduation robes too. Jessabella looked stunning in her bronze and blue graduation robes. Her hair shined bright and that scar on her lip made Harry love her even more. 

"Granger, Hermione."

Hermione walked up to Dumbledor and he shook her hand. She gave him a hug. She hugged Professor Minerva  when the professor handed her the diploma and permission slip. The professor actually smiled.

"Granger, Jessabella."

Jessabella smiled at her sister as she walked up to Dumbledor. The old geezer smiled and handed Jess her diploma. He whispered.

"You really are the smartest at Hogwarts."

"I disagree sire. My sister is the smartest. I'm just the more noble."

"Congratgulations then young lady."

"Thank you Professor."

Jessabella returned to her seat beside her sister and waited.

"Potter, Harry"

Harry recieved his diploma and was hugged by Snape. Everyone gasped. Hagrid gave Harry a big hug and so did all the professors.

"No longer the boy who lived but the boy who graduated after killing Voldemort."

"Thank you Professor."

"No thank you Harry Potter."

Harry returned to his seat and leant over to give his girlfriend a nice kiss. Jessabella grinned and Mione just scowled.

"Weasley, Ronald."

Everyone clapped as Ron clumsily got his diploma and returned back to his seat. Everything was perfect. Dumbledor finished handing out the diplomas and made an announcement

"It has been a joy and it has also been a rough year. We not only killed Voldemort but we rebuilt our school. The Ministry of Magic has two positions open. They are of the same rank and they go to none other than the Granger twins. Congrats girls, finally on the same level.


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