Still loving You

A Ravenclaw girl falls in love with a Gryffindor legend. Harry Potter and Jessabella became friends as first years and now they are six years. Will Harry fall for Jessa or will Harry turn to Jessa's twin sister Hermione


9. Chapter 8

Hermione's POV

I stared at Harry as he ate his supper. I was a bit embarrassed about the kiss but at least he knew I loved him more than my sister did. She wouldn't even kiss him. It was our last year at Hogwart's, I was supposed to be a sensible adult. But I wasn't 18 yet. Harry ate his supper and Ronald Weasley tried to hold my hand. I pushed him away. Sure he was in group of friends but only because he was my lover boy's best friend. I turned back and stared at Draco, he was making googly eyes at me. I made the expression to him to basically fuck off. He turned to Astoria and kissed her cheek. He was trying to make me jealous. I turned back around and watched Harry stand up from the table.

"Ron, Hermione. I bid you goodnight."

Harry's POV

I wish Mione would go ahead and accept the fact that Jess and I were a couple. I was slowly beginning to realize I really loved Jessabella. I left the great hall and hurried to the hospital wing. I found Jess still sleeping in her bed. I held her hand and watched her. The scar she bore was beautiful and really was the only thing that physically differed from her sister. They had different personalities and I wish Hermione would realize that. I leant over Jess's hospital bed and kissed her hand. Then I took her head into my hand and delicately kissed her lips. Her eyes fluttered open and she gasped for air. 

"Harry what did you do?"

"I just kissed you."

"Do you love me Harry, do you still love me?"

"You aren't just a friend and no I don't like you, I love you."

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