Still loving You

A Ravenclaw girl falls in love with a Gryffindor legend. Harry Potter and Jessabella became friends as first years and now they are six years. Will Harry fall for Jessa or will Harry turn to Jessa's twin sister Hermione


6. Chapter 5

Jessabella's POV

 Harry and I walked into Honeyduke's. He held my hand and we walked up and down aisles of candies and delicious treats. As soon as he touched my hand a surge of power rush through my body. I looked down at my red dress and soon realized that it was on fire. I turned to Harry and cried. Harry immediatley put it out with a wave of his wand. I collasped on the ground and fell into blackness. I whispered quietly.


Harry's POV

Jessabella looked amazing in her beautiful red dress. The first time I met Jess was shortly after Hermione and I started dating. Mione and I were walking and Mione had walked away for a bit. I saw Jess coming down the steps and saw she looked like Mione but Jess had a scar on her lip from when a dog attacked her a year before she started attending Hogwarts. 

Jess and I held hands as we walked around Honeyduke's I turned to her and realized her red dress was on fire. I put the fire out and held her while she fell to the ground and passed out. I saw Hagrid outside and screamed.


Hagrid came in and carried Jessabella in his arms. Both of us climbed into a carriage that took us immediatly back to the castle. Hagrid carried Jess to the hospital and laid her down on the bed. I watched as Madam Pomfrey fixed Jess up. I watched the love of my life sleep peacefully. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up.


"Harry. I'm sorry about Jess."

"No I'm sorry she's your sister."


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