Still loving You

A Ravenclaw girl falls in love with a Gryffindor legend. Harry Potter and Jessabella became friends as first years and now they are six years. Will Harry fall for Jessa or will Harry turn to Jessa's twin sister Hermione


5. chapter 4

Hermoine'S POV

As my sister got ready to hang out with Harry, I knew something was up. Why would he want to hang out with her when he could have me. Yea I know Draco still likes me but what about all those who want Harry and I together? What about all the fun we had until she showed up? Why did she have to go to Hogwarts? Why did she have to steal my best friend? The only one I ever truly loved? I wish it was me going with Harry to Honey Dukes tonight instead of Jessabella.

Sometimes I hated my twin sister. She stole all the attention. I wanted Harry Potter to marry me when we got out of Hogwarts. I would be Hermione Potter. I didn't want to be Hermione Malfoy or Weasley. I didn't want Jessabella to be Jess Potter. Good grief. I watched my sister get ready for Honey Dukes, her beautiful date. She got out her favorite dress and I placed a magic spell on it. I made sure to not leave any trace of my magical DNA. No one would ever find out. 

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