3. New date

Alex and Jess come off the ride, Jess under Alex's arm. They're both smiling but I don't see the happiness in Alex's eyes. It's not abnormal for Jess to be under Alex's arm. She's constantly under Alex and Parker's arms. She calls them her brothers. When she notices us she jogs over.

"Mmm cotton candy!" She says picking a piece off of mine.

"Mmm..that was mine!" I say laughing. "Shoot it's almost 10. My mom wanted to watch a movie with me tonight. Text you in the morning. Love you guys." I say and call my moms number.

She's there in less than 10 minutes. She's frowning and I ask her why.

"I'm so sorry Summer. I'm going to have to take a rain check on the movie night. I have work to catch up on." She whispers almost nervous.

I'm tired anyway so it doesn't upset me too much.

"That's okay. Maybe later this week." I smile knowing she's exhausted and behind in a lot of work.

When we get home I take a quick shower then FaceTime Brynn for a couple hours. At midnight I go to sleep.

The next morning, I change into denim shorts and a tank top. I have pumpkin muffins for breakfast then ride my bike to Jess's house. Brynn's already there.

"Guys want to get ice cream later? I'll text Alex and Parker." Jess offers.

I nod and Brynn plops down next to me. For an hour we talk and watch funny videos on snapchat. Around 2, we meet the boys at the ice cream parlor. I got strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone. Alex continually stares at Jess.

"Jess." He finally says and she turns to him, a huge smile on her face as she takes a lick of her mint chocolate chip ice cream.

"I have to tell you something I should've told you a long time ago. I never stopped loving you. I know I hurt you and you could probably never think of me like that again but I love you. You're the reason I wake up in the morning. I'd love to be more than a best friend to you. I love you Jess." He stares deeply into her eyes and I can practically see the hearts.

She stands up and walks gently over to him. She cups her hands on his cheeks and plants a huge kiss on his lips.

"More than best friends." She smiles and wraps her arms around him.

He smiles adoringly and she returns the look.

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