4. Mom time

The next morning, Mom wants to take me out to breakfast. I text Jess and Brynn that I'll call them after. I fluff my hair and pull on a white lacy dress. Downstairs, Moms waiting by the front door. She's waiting a dark green top and running shorts.

"IHOP okay?" She asks.

I agree and talk her ear off the whole way there. I order a blueberry muffin and banana pancakes. Mom gets an omelette. The whole time we talk about summer plans.

"I'm so happy you, Jess and Brynn have gotten so close." She smiles warmly.

"We've always been close. They're the best." I smile back and take a bite of my pancakes.

"Summer, I have a long night at work tonight. If you don't mind, you're going to have to make yourself lunch and dinner." She smiles and I see the worry in her eyes.

"It's fine mom." I smile back and I mean what I'm saying.

Maybe I can even have Jess and Brynn over for food. After breakfast, Mom drops me off at home and heads to work. Jess has to help her mom with some things so I go to Brynn's house for lunch. Her mom makes us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and we eat them while lounging in her backyard.

"Ok I have to tell you something. It's super private." Brynn says.

"You can tell me anything." I respond as I take another bite of my delicious sandwich.

"Alright. I have feelings for Parker." She whispers.

I wrap my arms around her and we both start laughing.

"That's so cute! I ship you guys!" I smile.

"We totally forgot Summer! We have to go shopping for dresses for Parker's mom's surprise party!" Brynn reminds me.

I text Jess and she agrees to meet us at the store. Brynn fixes her hair and then we're off. First, I try on a little red dress but it looks horrible. Parker's mom's party is formal so it needs to look perfect. Brynn looks gorgeous in every dress but hates them all. Jess instantly finds a short, navy blue, tight, lacy dress. She looks stunning.

I end up with a short black dress and Brynn buys a pink maxi dress. Tomorrow's the party so i go home fairly early. I eat dinner (salads) with Jess and Brynn then head home. Mom's already home and wants to talk but I'm too concentrated on Brynn and Parker and Jess and Alex. Jess didn't mention Alex AT ALL today. That's strange. I FaceTime Alex and he seems normal. I kiss my mom goodnight and fall asleep thinking about how perfect my friends are.

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