6. matchmaking

The next morning I wake up to a freezing house. I reach for my purple hoodie and wrap it tightly around my body. Mom must've turned the air conditioner on high during the night. I check the time. It's 7:30 AM. Brynn and Jess are coming over in 3 hours to get ready for Alex's mom's surprise party.

"Good morning honey. I've got a meeting this morning but I'll be home to take pictures of you, Jess and Brynn. I've got to shower but I made you blueberry muffins." Mom smiles and wraps her arms tightly around me.

I hug her back and quickly eat 2 blueberry muffins along with a glass of water. I take a warm shower then put my hair up in my towel. I'm wearing running shorts and a tank top until Jess and Brynn get here. They arrive in similar outfits as me and we begin getting ready right away.

"Should I curl my hair?" Jess calls out as she examines herself in the mirror.

Her dark hair billows out, since she's using the hair dryer. After that, Brynn applies mascara, natural eyeshadow and pink lip gloss to Jess's face. She looks like a supermodel already. She finally decides to curl her hair and wear white flower earrings.

Brynn decides to do a tiny french braid along her hairline and straightens the remaining golden hair. I put the same type of eyeshadow, eyeliner and a hint darker lip gloss onto her glowing face. They finally help me get ready. I curl my hair also and have the same makeup as Jess. We quickly change into our dresses. My black dress hugs my body perfectly. Brynn's maxi dress is stunning and so is Jess's lacy navy blue dress. At noon Brynn drives us over to Alex's house. His little sister Hanna opens the door wearing a cute, floral, short dress. Her red hair is in 2 french braids and she's smiling brightly.

"Summer! Jess! Brynn!" She grins and wraps us into a group hug.

"Hanna! You look beautiful!" I respond and hug her back.

She winks at Jess as she leads us inside. She joins her friend that I recognize as Riley in the corner of the room. Alex notices us and instantly embraces Jess. She plants a soft kiss on his cheek and wraps her arms around him tightly. They eventually pull away and Alex smiles at me and Brynn.

"You girls look stunning." He says in a fake British accent which has us doubling over in laughter.

"Why thank you." Brynn giggles.

We all burst into laughter again as Parker joins us, a grin on his face. He's wearing a tuxedo and holding a cup of fruit punch.

"You girls look great." He comments and Brynn steals a smile at him.

He smiles back but I get nervous he's only being friendly. Alex and Jess link hands and walk off to help Hanna set up the rest of the food. Brynn and I head over and get ourselves each some grilled shrimp while Parker strikes up a conversation with Alex and Hanna's dad.

"He looks so hot." Brynn laughs and I smile.

"So do you. He'd be so lucky to have you." I tell her and she smiles back.

"Alex said his mom won't be here for another hour. I'm going to go talk to Parker." Brynn grins adoringly and walks over to Parker.

I notice him smile at me but I turn away. Anyway, I have to go to the bathroom. I catch Jess and Alex cuddling on the couch, Jess's head resting on Alex's chest. I smile and head upstairs to find the bathroom. And when I come back down I couldn't believe my eyes.

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