2. crush? or crushing?

I stare at Alex and Parker with stone eyes. They never act so serious. But then....they tumble into a fit of laughter.

"Seriously!" I shout and they stand up smirking.

"I gotta go. Hanna and I need to work on plans for my mom's surprise party." Parker smiles and leaves.

Hanna's his younger sister. She's 14 and is literally the funniest person you'll ever meet.

"I...I gotta go too." Alex says as Brynn walks in.

She's changed into a blue crop top and black denim shorts. Her long hair is in a high ponytail and even in that she's stunning. She waves good-bye to Alex then begins rummaging through my fridge.

"Mmm...strawberries." She giggles and chops up a few for a snack.

We decide to lay around on the couch and watch Nicholas Sparks movies all night. She sleeps over and the next morning we wake up super early to Parker calling me.

"It's so early." Brynn moans as she turns over even though she's smiling.

She heads to the bathroom as I answer the call.

"Hey. Sorry it's early. Alex and I are heading to the amusement park tonight. Meet you, Jess and Brynn there?" He asks.

I agree and catch Brynn up on the plans. She's in. We have a quick breakfast of blueberry pancakes then head over to Brynn's house. Around 5, we pick up Jess for dinner at Ponzio's. After a dessert of heart shaped cookies we head to Jess's house to get ready for the amusement park.

"This is perfect!" Brynn screams as she rummages through her bag.

She packed a bunch of random outfits knowing she'd choose once at Jess's. She slips into a floral romper and does half-up half-down in her golden hair. I put on a high-waisted black skater skirt and a tight, floral crop top. I grab a cozy, cream cardigan just in case it gets cold. I brush my hair but leave it in its natural, wavy state. Jess decides to go with a yellow sundress and black converse. Her dark hair is french-braided and she looks beautiful.

The three of us UBER to the amusement park and meet Parker and Alex there. I catch Alex staring at Jess but she doesn't seem to notice.

"Guys! I love this ride! And nobody will go on with me?!" Jess whines making us all laugh. But she continues. "Even after last night!" She says and we all stop laughing.

The guy non-stop talked about his ex and Jess never got to say anything. And he took her to a crappy park. Dumb.

"I'll go on with you." Alex smiles and Jess starts jumping up and down.

"Thanks so much Alex!" She hugs him (but as a friend), and races to get in line.

Alex follows her like he's floating on air. Jess decided to forgive Alex and totally loves him as a friend now. But she shudders every time she thinks of dating him again. Parker, Brynn and I head to get cotton candy.

"Nice shoes, Parker." Brynn says sweetly and I notice she's staring deeply at Parker.

"Thanks." He laughs and I join in so it's less awkward.

While we wait for Jess and Alex, we catch up about Parker's mom's surprise party. It's in 3 days and Brynn and I agree to go dress- shopping together. I'm pretty sure I see Parker shoot Brynn an adoring smile. Ahhh!

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