1. Summer daze

"Cowabunga!" I shout diving into a donut shaped pool.

"Wooohee!" One of my best friends, Parker screams as he does a cannonball into the deep end.

I wave my hands in the air and scream like crazy when my other best friend, Brynn lifts me up from underneath. Brynn's the kindest, most generous person on the face of the earth. But she's also the most beautiful. She's wearing a navy blue and white striped bikini and her long golden hair is flowing down her back. She smiles as our other friend, Jess sits on the side of the pool letting her toes hit the cool, refreshing water.

"I can't stay late...I have a date." She says waggling her eyebrows.

"Oooh a new guy!" I giggle and hop out of the pool.

I notice Jess's ex-boyfriend, Alex staring at her from the across the pool. She flips her dark hair and fills Brynn and i in on her new guy, Josh.

"Hey Summer. I have a big favor. My parents are working and they don't want me home alone...overprotective. Do you mind if I get ready here?" She asks standing up and adjusting her red bikini.

"Of course! Lemonade anybody?" I ask hopping out of the pool.

Alex joins me as Brynn and Parker begin on a game of catch. Jess hurries upstairs to shower as Alex follows me into the kitchen.

"She's so into me." Alex says leaning up against my countertop.

"Let her be. She's found a good guy." I laugh but then notice Alex is serious.

"Summer. I didn't mean to hurt Jess." He says and stares down at his shoes.

"I know. But you can't change the past." I say and pour everyone a glass of lemonade.

Alex runs a hand through this hair before helping me carry the cups. I dive right back in the pool while Alex just lingers on the edge. I notice Jess standing at the door, and I hurry over to her. Brynn follows but Parker and Alex stay at the pool's edges.

"Hottie alert!" I shout and yank open the door.

Jess smiles. She's wearing a flowy sundress, brown strappy sandals and her dark hair is curled. She's wearing the slightest bit of makeup and seems to be lost in her own thoughts.

"Jess! I'd want to date you!" Brynn says sending us all into a fit of laughter.

Brynn drives Jess to her date but I hang back and clean up the backyard. As I'm doing the dishes, Parker and Alex come inside with the rest of the cups.

"Thanks guys." I smile and begin rinsing them out.

"We've got a big issue here." Alex says his face extremely serious.

Then I notice Parker's is even more serious.

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