Late Nights

It's late night and all Papyrus needs is a little help on his essay.
Can the mistake of a single number in his friend's phone number change everything for him?


1. Wrong Number

1:00 AM

You: Hello? Undyne?

You: I really need help on an essay for this one class

You called ???

??? did not pick up

You: I'm serious, it's due tomorrow.

You: Either I have the wrong number or Mew Mew Kissy Cutie is off hiatus

???: Probably both because I haven't seen Alphys come out of her room once this week

???: Also I'm not Undyne

You: Em, who are you?

???: Em? Are you British?

???: Sorry, that was rude

???: British guys are hot, though

You: Agreed, and no I'm not British. My mom is.

You: Wait, seriously, who are you?

???: You wouldn't believe me

You: You sound like my brother

???: Thanks?

You: But seriously though, if this is Sans, I will get on a plane and fly back to Toronto just to personally murder you

???: Wow... Yeah, I'm not Sans, I don't even know who that is

???: This is Mettaton

You: You're right. I don't believe you

???: How do you want me to prove it then?

???: I can take a picture with a fork on my head

You: Knowing Mettaton, there's probably multiple photos of him with a fork on his head on the internet already

??? sent a photo

You: Either photoshop or you found that on his Tumblr

???: Great, thanks

You: Send me a picture of you wearing a green shirt

???: Why?

You: Just do it

???: And now I'm back in my closet for a stranger on the internet

???: Thanks stranger

You: It's Papyrus

???: Isn't that a font?

???: And a plant?

You: Shut up

??? sent a photo

???: Thanks Papyrus

You: How far did you have to scroll through Mettaton's Tumblr to find that?

??? sent a video

You: Okay fine, I believe you.

You: Was the swearing really necessary. It's 1am and I'm in a small apartment.

???: It's 1am and I'm in a big empty house screaming swears at my phone so that I can prove to some person who accidentally texted me that I'm me

You: Okay, you win

You: I'll be right back

???: K

You: I was going to make a contact for you but now I don't want to

???: Because I said 'k'?

You: Yeah

???: Boi

You: What?

???: Your the kid that spends so much time studying that you don't know anything about the internet, aren't you?

You: You're* And if I was, I wouldn't be up at 1am

???: Well you need to get to work on you're*** essay

You: It's actually your* in that context

???: I bet Undyne can't stand you

You: Thanks

???: Look, Papyrus, take some advice from an irresponsible adult who didn't even go to college: Do your work earlier, you'll get more rest, you won't be as stressed, and you won't get addicted to caffeine

You: That really helps right now

???: You're welcome

???: Have you still not made me a contact?

You: Nope

???: I only used 'k' once

You: and you don't know the difference between your and you're

???: I guess I should've gone too college

You: It's to* and your grammar makes it look like you skipped first grade too

???: That was a typo!

You: Whatever

MTT: I'm going to assume I won that

You: You do that

MTT: I'm also going to assume that you're being mean because your tired

You: My tired what?

MTT: Oh. My. God.

You: ;)

MTT: You need sleep

You: So do you

MTT: I'm afraid my grammar isn't much better when I'm well rested

You: Yeah, well if you don't mind I'm going to get help from someone who actually went to college

MTT: Well, thanks

You: Go to sleep

MTT: Goodnight to you too Papyrus

You: You used the right to!

MTT: Is it bad that I honestly hope you fail that class?

You: I'm sorry, goodnight

MTT: Goodnight


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