Late Nights

It's late night and all Papyrus needs is a little help on his essay.
Can the mistake of a single number in his friend's phone number change everything for him?


11. Weekend

9:00 AM

MTT: It's Saturday, wake up

You: No

MTT: But you did

MTT: Is your roommate back?

You: He's throwing up

MTT: Haha

You: It's gross

MTT: I should've gone to college

You: Why?

MTT: The parties

MTT: I like waking up in places I don't remember and throwing up in stranger's' toilets.

You: That's weird

MTT: You haven't lived

You: If living includes violently throwing up at a random person's house then I don't think I want to

MTT: Do you drink?

You: I'm 19 

MTT: I didn't ask for your age

You: I can't drink

MTT: Yeah but do you?

You: No

MTT: Not at all?

You: That would be against the law

MTT: Everyone breaks the law at least once in college

You: Did you?

You: I mean, not in college but did you drink before you turned 21??

MTT: Oh, honey, I drank before I turned 18

You: You're kidding

MTT: Clearly you don't know anything about me

You: I think I know too much about you

MTT: Sure

You: So, um, last night

MTT: Yeah?

You: You really meant that, right?

MTT: Of course

You: So

MTT: So?

You: Um

You: Do you

You: Want to be my boyfriend?

MTT: Aww, of course

You: I mean, it would have to be long distance

MTT: I'll visit you

MTT: Hell, I'd move to where ever you live to be with you

You: That's a bit extreme

MTT: I'm an extreme person

You: You need to live in LA. You're famous and it's easier for you.

MTT: Where do you live now?

You: Seattle

You: I hate it here but the school is good

MTT: Really? Why do you hate it?

You: It's lonely and gloomy

MTT: What about your friends?

You: They aren't as good as my friends back home.

MTT: Like Undyne?

You: Yeah

You: I miss her a lot

MTT: Don't you text her?

You: Long distance friendships are just as hard as long distance relationships


You: Everyone I care about is so far away

MTT: You're such a sweetheart. I wish I could hug you.

You: Yeah.

MTT: I have to go but I'll be back soon

MTT: Don't feel lonely without me

You: I probably will

MTT: I love you

You: I love you too


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