Late Nights

It's late night and all Papyrus needs is a little help on his essay.
Can the mistake of a single number in his friend's phone number change everything for him?


6. Classes

2:30 PM

MTT: Hey

MTT: Are you still in class?

MTT: Wait, don't answer that

MTT: I mean, answer it if you aren't

You: I am

MTT: Don't text in class, young man

You: I'm not young

MTT: How old are you??

You: 19

MTT: You're just a kid!

You: I am legally an adult, thank you very much

MTT: Stop texting me in class

You: Fine

3:00 PM

MTT: Are you still in class?

You: Yes, I get out at four

MTT: Four??? I can't wait that long

You: Maybe you should get a life and stop texting a college student in the middle of his class???

MTT: You're so sweet

MTT: And stop replying to me if you're in class

You: Bye


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