Late Nights

It's late night and all Papyrus needs is a little help on his essay.
Can the mistake of a single number in his friend's phone number change everything for him?


8. Back

5:30 PM

MTT: I'm back

You: I'm eating dinner in my apartment alone because my roommate left to go party

MTT: At 5???

You: Yeah

MTT: Who's your roommate?

You: My friend, Nick. He has blue hair.

MTT: Why did I need to know that?

You: You asked

MTT: The hair part

You: It was subtle way of saying that he's gay

MTT: You're stereotyping

You: Does that make me a homophobic homosexual?


MTT: What?

You: I don't know. I'm still tired

MTT: You should probably sleep

You: But no

MTT: But yes

You: But it's almost six and I don't want my roommate to come back and see me asleep at six

MTT: There's no way to not be awkward when your roommate is coming home drunk and you're sitting on your bed completely sober

You: Especially if I'm writing fanfiction

MTT: You're such a dork

You: I know

MTT: Wait

MTT: Are you dating Nick

You: I already told you that I'm single

You: And Nick has a boyfriend

MTT: Too late I'm jealous

You: I know

You: I'm irresistible

MTT: What's your story about?

You: I'm not telling you that

MTT: Is it about me? What's it called? How often do you update??

You: I'm not telling you that either

MTT: I'm going to find it

MTT: Is it an x reader?

MTT: I love those

You: Why am I taking to you?

MTT: Because you love me

You: Do you love me?

MTT: I like you

You: What does that mean?

MTT: That I like you

You: You're difficult

MTT: I'm leaving

You: Why?

MTT: Because

You: You're a child

MTT: I'm 24

You: You're a child

MTT: Bye

You: Bye

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