[11th Doctor] More Than a Bow Tie

What if there was more behind the Doctor's choice of clothing? What if the bow tie was like Clara's leaf? Or what if it was the opposite?


6. Chapter 5 - Argumental

Wary, the Doctor opened the TARDIS doors and looked out to see Sabine's cell.
"Here she is, Clara," he called, glaring at Sabine. Sabine was as elegant as ever, and practically floated over to him, staring at him through the bars.
"Some guys," was all she said. Her guard was up and she sounded like she was prepared for any bad or good news she was getting today. The Doctor turned and looked at the TARDIS doors, waiting for Clara. And finally, she stepped out, her brows furrowed. She kept well away from the Doctor while this was all happening.
"Clara?" Sabine frowned.
"Sabine," Clara answered. They stared for a few more moments, then tried to hug each other. The bars, of course, got in the way, and soon after realising this they instead went for a handshake.
"Why did you kill River?" the Doctor asked, his voice cold, devoid of humanity. Clara felt a argument coming on, so she stepped back and gave both the Doctor and Sabine some room.
"I dunno - being honest, she was being really strange and saying things about how I'm a different species. She was freaking me out, and I had a pistol, and it was the first thing that popped into my mind. So no, I didn't ask her what the hell was wrong with her brain, I didn't ask her what kind of trash she watched on Netflix, I just shot her," Sabine told him. Clara tried not to laugh. All in an instant, the Doctor was suddenly right up close to the bars and he looked deadly serious. He was still and wasn't flapping his limbs around, which usually meant he was angry and trying to stay calm.
"She had nothing wrong with her head! She was being honest! I'm a Time Lord from Gallifrey and the constellation of Kasterborous, and you are too! But you seem to have too bad memory to know that, do you? Or are you a human and a Time Lady? Either way, you are the one who shot someone because you didn't understand them. You are the killer, not me!" he shouted angrily. Clara hesitated, then wrapped an arm around the Doctor's shoulder.
"I think you should just open her cell," she whispered quickly, trying to handle the matters which had now spiralled out of control. He shoved her arm off.
"NO!" he exclaimed, then tried to compose himself. "No. She killed River. Maybe you won't trust me ever again, and I can't blame you for that. But she has to stay here. River matters."
"And I don't? Doctor, listen to me for once in your long, complicated life. She may have killed River, but you've taught me that no-one is truly dead. They can all still be here," she said, tapping where his heart would've been. Seeing as how he had two hearts, though, it wasn't very accurate. God knows what the anatomy of a Time Lord was. "She matters, but so does everyone. Everyone deserves another chance, too, but you know that, don't you? After all, it was you who killed your own kind. Regrets are held by everyone, Doctor, and yet you probably have way too many. I'm sure Sabine regrets it now, but haven't you done worse than what she could ever do? When some people hear your name, they get filled with hope and happiness. But others? They get scared beyond words because they know what you did during your war and it chills them. Some people wonder if you actually have a conscience. My answer is yes. You made the calculation of killing millions to save billions. It was a mistake and it was wrong, but it was the only choice at the time, otherwise the whole of humanity would have died. We're here because you've touched so many lives that no-one would kill you because of your past. I have done things I regret too. Some of them were necessary, but most of them weren't. So please, Doctor. Don't leave Sabine here. She may have killed a good woman that you obviously love dearly, but for you to lock her up here would just be hypocritical of you. Tell me, do you need to be locked up too?"
He stared at her for a long, long moment, all her words being processed, then he took out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the lock. The door swung open and the alarm roared to life. Sabine began to thank the Doctor, but he didn't want to hear it, so he walked right up to her, pressed his finger against her lips, and walked into the TARDIS.
"I think he isn't going to give you a lift - sorry. Will you be OK in London though?" Clara asked.
"If what the Doctor says is true, and I am an alien, then I could try exploring. But what are the perks exactly?" Sabine said. Before Clara could answer, the Doctor opened the door, smiling and seemingly in a good mood.
"Regeneration - only twelve times, mind! Are you coming or not? Sabine, although I hate to underestimate people, or overestimate, I doubt you'd escape the security in this place. It is tight. So c'mon, in the TARDIS folks!"

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