[11th Doctor] More Than a Bow Tie

What if there was more behind the Doctor's choice of clothing? What if the bow tie was like Clara's leaf? Or what if it was the opposite?


5. Chapter 4 - Sabine

The Doctor was a madman with revenge on his mind to Sabine.

Many thought he was a good man, saving the world, going about to help the world. But what was he saving it from exactly?

That's right: himself.

It was lonesome here. Days went by and all she could feel was boredom. But no-one was going to save her, and she would have to get used to it. The company of others was always a joy. Perhaps that is why the Doctor never travelled alone despite losing so many.

She was alone, unloved and bored all because of River Song. Nobody was going to help her.

Until, of course, she heard the wheezing of a blue box called the TARDIS, and saw a man with a bow tie open the doors.


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