[11th Doctor] More Than a Bow Tie

What if there was more behind the Doctor's choice of clothing? What if the bow tie was like Clara's leaf? Or what if it was the opposite?


4. Chapter 3 - Redemption

What could he do?

The Doctor wanted to do something. Anything. He had lost another friend - Clara would never trust him. Unless he did something amazing. Something brilliant.
"Clara!" he shouted, chasing after her, following her outside. Clara turned to look him in those sad eyes, and glared despite the look on his face. She really was angry.
"What?" she snapped.
"I'm sorry, but I've got good news. She's not dead. Not really. I didn't hurt her. I just put her in a prison somewhere. Storm Cage, where River was," he told her urgently, hoping to regain her trust. Her eyes softened slightly, but she tried to stay defiant.
"You locked her up in a place called Storm Cage? Get her back! She doesn't deserve that!" she said, sounding much calmer now. He didn't want to make her even more agitated so he simply yanked her inside the TARDIS and flicked a few switches.
"Hurry up," she snarled. He looked at her and stopped pressing the console buttons.
"Listen, Clara. If I get her back, I want you to stop yelling. I know it'll be long before you forgive me - it always is with everyone else. But Sabine was a good person and I had no wish to kill her. I had to be better than her," he said softly, looking in her eyes still. The best trick.
"You better than her? You failed quite easily, Doctor. She killed River because she was scared of her. And you? If she met you I wouldn't be surprised if she shot you. You try to intimidate people so that you gain the upper hand. You have the moral high ground. You have control. Well you do not tell me what to do! You may be many things, but you're certainly not the doctor anyone would ever want. Without you, the world would actually be a fine place. The aliens come here only when you're around. You endanger everyone!" she retorted. He didn't say anything for a while, still processing her words, then decided to leave it at that and pretend she agreed to what he said. He landed the TARDIS at Storm Cage.
"We are here," he announced. Clara walked on out without warning, and after cursing himself, he too followed.

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