[11th Doctor] More Than a Bow Tie

What if there was more behind the Doctor's choice of clothing? What if the bow tie was like Clara's leaf? Or what if it was the opposite?


3. Chapter 2 - Research

The Doctor made no sense to her.

He had secrets - every person had one eventually - but unusual ones. Ones that could silence and start wars. It was amazing. But she didn't like that. The Doctor couldn't be trusted anymore. Ever since she heard him accuse her of being a trick and a trap (which she shouldn't have remembered, apparently), she had lost trust in him. He never gave her the straight answers.

She noticed the TARDIS still outside her house. He hadn't moved. Probably reading. She hesitated, then headed towards it, going outside. She had to be quiet and very, very stealthy. The Doctor somehow always knew if there was someone nearby, and the fact that he could read the air was just cheating. She walked in, and saw the Doctor sat on the step with his head practically buried in a book. If he raised his head, she'd be skewered. Hesitantly, she continued on, heading to the library. But then she tripped on something metal, and with a clang, she fell down. Although the Doctor was still in the console room, she knew he heard that and was coming down to check out the disturbances. She rushed on, keeping an eye out for anything she could trip on this time, and reached the library. There were books on display, some about the Time War, others about the Doctor and his name. She ignored them and headed on to a book about dress sense. 'Ties and Meaningful Clothing' it said on the front.
"Hello?" came the Doctor's voice. She muttered something under her voice, then quickly flicked through the book, catching glimpses of clothing until she saw what she was looking for. There it was, in bold.


Bow ties represent loss, and yet they are made to show strength and wisdom, made to show that a man has sacrificed lots in his lifetime. Most would describe this as the clothes of men who have done wrong in their lives and seek redemption. The blood of many are on their hands, yet they wish to redeem themselves. They are also a symbol of love, and are worn by many a great men.

She frowned. There had to be more to it. The Doctor said bow ties were cool: maybe he meant in more ways than one. She looked in another book, a list of taken lives that were all killed by the Doctor. She was pretty sure her heart stopped when she saw a name.

Sabine Jade

Sabine had been Clara's childhood friend, yet had a secret. She always proclaimed to have two hearts, and once lived on Gallifrey. That's where Clara recognised the name from. She'd been killed whilst visiting her only family member - her aunt.
"I know you're here, show yourself!" came the Doctor's voice again. Clara knew there was no trust in the Doctor anymore. He killed her childhood friend, and was responsible for many more lives. She turned, and saw the Doctor glaring at her in the doorway.
"You didn't ask!" he exclaimed.
"I didn't need to ask. This is a public call box," she replied, feeling angry and salty in a mix of one.
"Yes, but I told you not to!"
"Doctor, I'm leaving." The Doctor frowned, and a sadness came to his eyes.
"You killed Sabine."
"She killed River."
"Probably for a good reason!"
"Don't you dare say that!" he flared up, his eyes on fire. He was advancing forward slowly, with the gracefulness of a jungle cat.
"Sabine was my childhood friend. She was your same species. She was from Gallifrey but she didn't even know she was a different species. She was a normal girl who killed River because she was scared and you murdered her in cold blood. You know what? You're just like the daleks, maybe even worse. Murderer of people, on purpose or not, and the destroyer of the innocent. Well done, Doctor. Well done." She stormed past him, her arm brushing against his, and she walked out.

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